Software Harvest (April 3, 2024): watch for the right time

Software Harvest (April 3, 2024): watch for the right time
Software Harvest (April 3, 2024): watch for the right time


Vfox is a tool for developers that solves the problem of working on different projects that require different environments, typically for example different versions of runtime environments, but also specific versions of so-called ambient libraries that are implicitly available within a given environment.

Vfox works as a version manager (similar to nvm, fvm, sdkman or asdf-vm), allowing quick installation or switching between environments., 0.3.0

Cert Monitor

Cert Monitor is a tool for finding, identifying and monitoring X.509 certificates from various sources. It allows searching for HTTPS and TCP certificates, static PEM certificates or SAML Metadata certificates (IDP and SP SSO). Displays certificate information, especially subject, issuer, expiration date, or PEM output., 1.4.6


KFtray makes it easy to set up multiple configurations for port forwarding in kubectl. It allows you to store and manage these configurations from local files or GitHub repositories. It can set up and provide a continuous connection to a currently running pod in Kubernetes.

Thanks to the support of multiple protocols, it enables access to internal and external servers through the Proxy Relay server deployed in the Kubernetes cluster., 0.9.0


check-ntpt is a tool for monitoring NTP (Network Time Protocol) servers. It allows you to find out the current date and time from the NTP server and compare it with the time of the local system.

It also displays the complete response received from the NTP server, which includes other useful information such as RTT (Round-Trip Time), signal delay or maximum estimated time error.

DT24, 0.3.6

A fool

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