Gynecologist, paramedic and wrist trainer. Apple’s new watch wants to impress

Gynecologist, paramedic and wrist trainer. Apple’s new watch wants to impress
Gynecologist, paramedic and wrist trainer. Apple’s new watch wants to impress

“Today we will talk about three products that are key for us. iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods. We got used to them and can’t do without them anymore. Each of them is a leader in its category and they communicate perfectly with each other,” said Tim Cook, head of Apple, in the presentation of new products. He believes that today’s news will further strengthen this position.

Expensive and cheap watches

He started with the Apple Watch, and it’s hard to imagine a more dramatic and emotional start. Apple has made a video that dramatizes situations in which the Apple Watch has saved people’s lives. Either with its ability to make calls even without a phone, or thanks to the detection of an irregular heart rhythm. “The watch saved my life, without it I would not have sought medical help. Thank you very much, Erik,” reads one of the users from the thank you letter.

The new version of the watch is called “Series 8”. It offers a larger, brighter display that can be always on. Of course, it has all the functions that users expect from the Apple Watch: heart activity monitoring, blood oxygenation, fall detection, sleep monitoring, breathing, etc., plus a few new ones related to the reproductive cycle. The temperature during sleep, measured every five seconds, allows reliable detection of ovulation, according to Apple.

Photo: Apple

The new functions of the Apple Watch will be used, for example, by women who want to monitor their cycle.

Long-term monitoring of the cycle then enables the detection of deviations from the normal ovulation/menstrual cycle. Of course, Apple -⁠ even in the context of recent events in the USA -⁠ did not forget to emphasize that this data is encrypted. Apple doesn’t have access to them, so it can’t share them with anyone even if it wanted to.

The new watch can also detect a car accident. “We focused on four basic crash types: frontal impact, side impact, rear impact and rollover,” explains Ron Huang, Apple’s vice president of sensors and connectivity. In addition to the accelerometer and GPS, they also use a microphone or barometer for detection, which detects the change in pressure related to the activation of the airbags.

“And then we used data from a million hours of real traffic on the road,” adds Huang. “Using machine learning, we trained the watch to recognize these events. They will then automatically call for help.”

Photo: Apple

Apple Watch Series 8.

“We hope you never need it. But hopefully you’ll feel better whenever you get in the car,” concludes Huang. Even with these changes, the Apple Watch should be able to last a full day on a single charge. It lasts 36 hours in low power mode.

The new watch costs $399 in the basic version (less than 10,000 crowns), and $499 for the version with mobile connectivity (over 12,000 CZK). It is this more expensive watch that you need to take advantage of all the mentioned features related to calling for help.

Since it is difficult to buy such an expensive watch for the whole family, Apple also came up with a new version of their Watch SE series. There they set the price at $249 (approx. 6,000 crowns) for the cheaper version without mobile connection and $299 for the version with connection (over 7,000 CZK).

Photo: Apple

The cheaper Apple Watch SE.

A really intense watch

You don’t want a cheap watch? That, on the other hand, you need something really expensive that can withstand your intense life filled with adrenaline sports and ultramarathons? The Apple Watch Ultra is just for you.

Photo: Apple

Apple Watch Ultra has a titanium case, a thin band, high durability and features that few people will use.

We will not list all functions here. If you are one of the few people who, on the way from the marathon, stop to surf on the beach and then follow it up by diving to a depth of 40 meters, you will surely find the information yourself. The rest of us get sore joints just watching this “ultra” part of the presentation. But of course, Apple is counting on the fact that not only performance athletes will buy the Apple Watch Ultra, but also everyone who likes a “complicated” watch on their wrist. And the new dial – only accessible in this watch – is really full of complications.

Photo: Apple

Apple Watch Ultra watch face.

The most durable, most powerful and most expensive Apple Watch will be on sale from September 23 for $799 (approx. CZK 20,000).

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