The actress played mysterious and exotic beauties in her youth –

The actress played mysterious and exotic beauties in her youth –
The actress played mysterious and exotic beauties in her youth –

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Many know her as one of the most prominent personalities of Slovak film and theater, but few suspect that she originally had other artistic ambitions. A native of Bratislava, Zuzana Kocúriková was talented in the visual arts in her youth and dreamed of a career as a costume designer. However, fate had other plans for her.

The year 1967 brought an offer that changed Zuzana Kocúriková’s life – participation in the film Contract with the Devil, which depicted the adventures of high school girls who undertake to lose their virginity before graduation. Although she herself wanted to walk in a different direction and wanted to be a designer, the success in the mentioned film made her made him focus fully on the acting career. And so she decided to dedicate herself to acting fully, although she originally graduated from the University of Performing Arts in Bratislava as an artist.

After graduating from school in 1971, she became a member of the drama team of the Slovak National Theater in Bratislava, where she still remains, as stated on the theater’s website. Her face has become iconic in the film world, especially for the roles of mysterious women and exotic beauties. Among her notable roles is the character of Ester in the film Kolonie Lanfieri by Jan Schmidt and participation in the film The Star Falls Up, where she seduced the singer Švanda. It was played by the master himself Karel Gott.

Kocúriková’s career is not limited only to the film screen. She appeared in a number of Slovak and Czechoslovak films and television productions, including Wild Heart, Fortress, Velvet Murderers, and also shone in fairy tales such as The Virgin and the Monster or Salt over Gold.

She opened her own boutique

However, the actress did not lose her love for visual arts. Later, she opened a boutique where she sold models from well-known designers. Her artistic talent was also inherited by her daughter Katarína, who also works in visual arts.

Despite fame and success, Kocúrik is still a modest person. She is happily married to theater director Peter Mikulík. Their marriage is an example of harmony despite their different personalities, she being vivacious and explosive, he a taciturn intellectual.

In her free time, she likes to relax in the garden in Záhoří, where she grows flowers and tries to create harmonious color combinations. Her garden is a place of peace and inspiration for her, as well as for her husband, who draws fresh herbs from it for his culinary art.

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