The accident had a tragic end. The driver died despite the great efforts of rescuers


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A tragic event happened on Sunday in Pardubice, where a car crashed into the fence of a family home. The driver of the crashed car died despite the great efforts of rescuers.

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Accident in Pardubice.

| Photo: HZS Pardubice Region

Before noon on Easter Sunday, an accident occurred in Ve Lhotkách Street in Pardubice. There, the vehicle ran into the fence of a family home. An apparently uninjured man was sitting behind the wheel of a slightly wrecked passenger car, but he did not react.

Rescuers who were called freed a man who was not breathing and had a cardiac arrest from the car and started resuscitation. “Despite all available efforts, the man could not be revived. After 30 minutes, the resuscitation was terminated as unsuccessful and the doctor had to declare death,” the Pardubický Region Health Service said on the social network.

The police and firemen also arrived at the scene and secured the scene. “Even though the intervention turned out tragically, it was very fortunate that no one was moving along the sidewalk at the time of the accident and the car apparently stopped at a slow speed against the fence of the family house,” added the rescuers.

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Source: Čížková Nikola

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