Stop being numb and start living

Stop being numb and start living
Stop being numb and start living

Many modern conveniences and technical advances in life have the potential to dull our senses, emotions and life experiences. It’s time to break free from them.

Numbness to avoid real life is one of the worst things you can do.

Although some people use drugs or alcohol as a tool to numb themselves, most of us use junk food and endless scrolling on our phones.

Being in a state of numbness has the advantage of escaping pain or boredom, but it also has the curse of ever-diminishing usefulness. Soon you will get bored again, you will need a bigger dose and almost nothing will satisfy you anymore.

The ordinary joys of life begin to seem empty and useless compared to the endless scrolling of life on the screen. Flirting with your wife, going for a walk, or listening to an upbeat song will no longer light up the pleasure centers of your brain. They can’t compare to the dopamine machine that is your phone, or the instant gratification of sugar, salt and fat delivered in perfect proportion.

Maybe your numbing drug is spending money, daydreaming, or pornography—anything that prevents you from engaging with the reality of the world outside your head and leaves you emptier than when you started.

For most people, the only way out is to get to the bottom, get to the bottom and realize your mistake. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Instead of running away from your life—whatever it looks like right now—you need to dive into it as deeply as possible. Immerse yourself as fully as possible in the rhythm, flow and experiences of everyday life and tap into these joys as deeply as possible.

Immersing yourself in real life is the only way to break out of the numbness. Fall in love with the beautiful monotony of it all. Enjoy the highs when they come, but don’t expect them to last forever.

How to start living again

It helps to have a plan or specific process in place to get rid of the boredom bubble – here are some tips:

1. Seek the thrill of moving forward quickly

Pick any thing and do it. But don’t just do it casually – give it your all. Do it as quickly and as deeply as possible. You will feel the human joy of the achieved result. Forget perfection – just go fast and feel the wind. Sometimes the only way to get out of the stupor is to blast your way out with your human energy.

2. Get lost in the rhythm of good music and hard work

You cannot avoid work in this life. And even if you could, you would find yourself giving up a legitimate and very natural joy—the gift of honest work and the satisfaction it brings. One of the best antidotes to fear or boredom, in my experience, is to turn off your negative brain and get to work. Turn on a great playlist and get down to work.

3. Have fun and play like a child

Why should only children have all the fun? I think even us adults of all ages feel much more alive when playing. Of course, work is also necessary, but play is a state of mind without fixed rules. The key to success is to let go of expectations and stop trying to optimize your day to be as efficient as possible. Do your job, but do it your way – trust your instincts and follow the unexpected places they take you.

4. Find beauty in mundane or repetitive things

Life is full of repetition. You may find it boring and resent it, or you may be one of those “nerdy” people who find beauty in it. For example, there is a pile of dishes that need to be washed next to your sink. Pay attention to the gentle pattern of flowing water, swirling wash, rinse and put away – lean into it and synchronize your body and mind with this rhythm. Even better is when you find the perfect music to match that mood.

5. Talk honestly with someone you love and trust

One of the most exciting experiences in life is connecting deeply with another person. The fastest way to do this is to let your guard down and stop caring what people think. In the end, just be yourself and hold nothing back. Use body language and words to encourage others to do the same. The beauty of this connection is stronger and richer than almost anything else you can experience.

6. Worship something higher than yourself

I firmly believe that we are more than just physical beings. There is a spiritual reality in this world that has been recognized, admired and worshiped since the beginning of human existence. Connecting with this flow and opening your heart and soul to the knowledge of something higher is one of the surest ways to fill the void you are trying to fill with self-numbing.

The article was originally published on the website of the American editorial office of the Epoch Times.

The article is in Czech

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