Great success. Israel reports the death of 200 terrorists after being removed from the Shifa hospital. Hamas mourns the martyrs


After a two-week military operation at hospital fa in the Gaza Strip, one of the four functional medical facilities in this isolated area, the Israeli army withdrew its troops. During the operation, which was conducted against Hamsa fighters, according to Israeli data, over 200 militants were killed and hundreds more surrendered. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared the event a big rush.

On the other hand, the Palestinian Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, which controls the terrorist from Hamsa, and the local Civil Defense Department announced after the removal of the Israeli units several dead in and around the hospital. The ministry claims that the Israeli soldiers, before leaving, set fire to the hospital building and caused the code to be hacked into the area.

The raid was part of the Israeli secret in Gaza, which responds to the terrorist flow of the Hamas movement to Israel, after which Palestinian militants killed 1,200 people and kidnapped 250 people to Gaza.

Al-fa hospital, where Israel killed hundreds of Hamsa fighters.

Israeli troops raided the hospital two weeks ago. According to the AFP newspaper and two witnesses, army vehicles left the hospital complex early today. The Israeli army later confirmed the situation and said it had killed five hundred Palestinian militants and seized weapons and intelligence documents during the operation. According to the army, the operation at the hospital, which was the largest in the Gaza Strip before the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict, was conducted in such a way as to harm so-called civilians, patients and the sick.

In the area and around the fa hospital, slabs of medical tissue were found, some in a state of decay, the local Ministry of Health said in a press release. He also stated that before leaving the hospital, the Israeli troops set fire to the building and the area is known to be damaged.

Netanyahu promises

Netanyahu, who recently underwent surgery, faced growing pressure from protesting fellow citizens demanding the release of Israeli hostages in Gaza, which intensified pressure on his government, which is at war with Hamas there.

In his televised speech before the operation, Netanyahu reassured the families of the hostages, emphasized the understanding of their situation and promised that the government would act to protect their loved ones.

Tens of thousands of people gathered in Jerusalem today for a demonstration against the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Protesters called for new elections, called for the release of hostages kidnapped by the Palestinian Hamas movement and protested against exemptions from military service for ultra-Orthodox Jews.

Despite international pressure from the US, Netanyahu declared that the pressure would not affect his decision to send troops to Rafah, stating: It is impossible to increase without entering Rafah.

This development comes at a time when Israel is under intense pressure over its military strategy and when it is known that Hamas and Daesh militant groups are holding at least 100 hostages and the remains of 30 others. Palestinians born in Israel.

US messenger of super weapons

In recent days, the United States has approved $50 billion worth of munitions and strikes to Israel, two sources familiar with the matter confirmed. The move came despite Washington’s public expressions of concern about the expected Israeli military influx in Rafah.

New armaments include more than 1,800 2,000-pound MK84 bombs and 500 500-pound MK82 bombs. This information was confirmed by sources in accordance with the report of the Washington Post.

The United States provides Israel, its long-time ally, with military aid to the tune of $3.8 billion.

The addition comes at a time when Israel faces sharp international criticism for its ongoing bombing campaign and ground offensive in Gaza. Some members of President Joe Biden’s party have called for an end to US military aid to Israel.

USA speed up deliveries of anti-aircraft defenses and ammunition to Israel. Yet some Democrats and Arab-American groups criticize the Biden administration’s unwavering support for Israel, which they accuse of giving Israel a sense of impunity.

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