Nurses from abroad are leaving Britain. He is aiming for better, says the report

Nurses from abroad are leaving Britain. He is aiming for better, says the report
Nurses from abroad are leaving Britain. He is aiming for better, says the report

There is a shortage of nurses in the country, and the country needs them from abroad, pointed out the British newspaper The Guardian with reference to a study by the think tank The Health Foundation. According to the study, absolutely half of those who left Great Britain in 2022/2023 went to the USA , to New Zealand or Australia. Foreigners worked in the country for at least one and a half years. India and the Philippines are among the main source countries from which the sisters drank.

The think tank also pointed to data from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) which showed that a nurse in the UK earned an average of US$46,000 a year (K1.1 million), less than Australia’s salary of 71,000 dollar ron (1.7 million K), New Zealand with a debt of 57,000 dollars (1.3 million K) and the USA with a debt of 84,900 dollars (1.98 million K) ron.

Worryingly, the UK is perceived as a middle-income country, not a high-income one, when it comes to nursing salaries. It looks like a place where nurses from the country can acclimatize to Western-style systems in search of better pay and conditions, said British academic Anne Marie Rafferty, who works at Kings College London.

RCN general secretary and executive editor Pat Cullen says pay and poor working conditions are making Britain’s health services unable to compete globally. The patient’s needs cannot be met. It’s scary to think about the loss of our international colleagues, said Cullen.

Nurses from abroad, like all other nurses, have the right to first choose work in countries where their skills and expertise are better appreciated, added Cullen.

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According to the author of the study, it is too early to assess whether such patterns will become a permanent trend. If the NHS is to avoid becoming a springboard for careers elsewhere, it needs to be an attractive place to work for all nurses, regardless of where they are drawn from, said study co-author Elaine Kelly.

She pointed out that the outflow of female workers is also worrying because the departure and subsequent drinking of a female worker from abroad costs the NHS about £10,000 (K295,000).

However, the British Ministry of Health insisted that the funds provided by the think tank The Health Foundation would not be accepted. Nurses who have left the NHS and are out of work in the UK and elsewhere are reportedly few. He pointed out that they had negotiated a five percent increase in wages with the unions, gave two one-time bonuses and other measures to support the workforce in England.

We have thus fulfilled our commitment to take on an additional 50,000 nurses in six months and two, and the first ever long-term full workforce, backed by government funding worth £2.4 billion, will provide the largest training boom in the history of the NHS and ensure that within five years The NHS and 130,000 staff, including nurses, myself, have been changed by the department according to The Guardian.

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