30 groups applied for the European elections, less than in the previous ones

30 groups applied for the European elections, less than in the previous ones
30 groups applied for the European elections, less than in the previous ones

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Prague – This year, a total of 30 groups submitted candidacies to the Ministry of the Interior for the June elections to the European Parliament. Ministry it https://twitter.com/vnitro/status/1775167490848330146 on network X. There are ten less candidate groups than five years ago, the number of coalitions has increased by almost half. The deadline for submitting candidate lists ended today at 4:00 p.m.

Ministry of website stated that nine candidate lists were submitted by political parties and movements independently and 11 candidate lists were submitted by coalitions. The ministry will decide by April 20 which electoral groupings have fulfilled all the requirements required by law and will thus be admitted to the elections.

For the last elections to the European Parliament five years ago, 40 groups applied, including six coalitions. 39 of them were admitted to the elections. One of the parties, among other things, did not pay a contribution to cover election costs in the amount of 15,000 crowns.

All nine parliamentary parties and movements have announced their candidacy in this year’s European elections, which will be held in the Czech Republic on June 7 and 8, of which only the opposition ANO and the government Pirates are running separately. The ruling ODS, KDU-ČSL and TOP 09 are running in the same way as in the last parliamentary elections, as is the coalition Together, the coalition of Mayors and personalities for Europe was created by the STAN and SLK movements. The opposition movement SPD put together a coalition candidate together with the non-parliamentary Tricolor.

The communists, who joined the coalition Stačilo!, are fighting to stay in the European Parliament. with the United Democrats – an association of independents. The SEN 21 movement with the Volt Česko party, the Přísaha movement and the Motoristé seba party and the Swiss Democracy together with the Party of the State of Direct Democracy – the Labor Party are also betting on a coalition alliance. Moravians and one of the non-parliamentary republican parties are in the coalition “PRO withdrawal from the EU”. The coalition “PRO Jindřich Rajchl” consists of the Right Respect Expertise and Correct Choice PRO Zdraví a Sport groups.

The largest five-member coalition, which includes the Workers’ Party of Social Justice, the National Democracy or the Reasonable, was centered around the Alliance of National Forces, led by the current SPD MEP Hynk Blašek. Separately, Social Democracy (formerly ČSSD) is seeking to return to the European Parliament, with former Foreign Minister Lubomír Zaorálek at the head of its candidate list. Former Prime Minister Jiří Paroubek leads the coalition candidate ČSSD – Czech Sovereignty of Social Democracy.

Electoral accounts are held by Svobodní, Zelení and Democratic Party of the Greens, as well as the movement Hlas of former MEP and European Commissioner Pavel Telička and the movement Referendum – Hlas lidu. The newcomers include the Liberal Alliance of Independent Citizens or the “party for people and cats with an open mind” Mourek. On the other hand, the Left, the Club of Engaged Non-Partisans, the Vote Right Blok or the Moravian Land Movement should be among the traditional participants in the election race. The party Urza.cz also has an election account.

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