Israel’s president apologized by phone to the founder of World Central Kitchen for the deaths of his people in Gaza


Herzog’s office reported the call to the network

WCK announced on Tuesday that seven of its workers were killed in an Israeli strike in the Gaza Strip. These included citizens of Australia, Poland, the United Kingdom, a dual citizen of the US and Canada, and a Palestinian. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described the incident this afternoon as a tragic and unintentional strike by Israeli forces. The Israeli military expressed regret and promised an independent and professional investigation.

“President Herzog expressed his deep sorrow and sincere apology for the tragic loss of life of WCK employees in the Gaza Strip last night (Monday evening) and extended his condolences to their families and loved ones,” Herzog’s office said in a statement.

Countries condemn killing of aid workers in Israeli airstrike. Sunak called Netanyahu


According to him, the Israeli president also told Andrés that the incident would be thoroughly investigated and “reaffirmed Israel’s commitment to deliver and improve humanitarian aid to the people of the Gaza Strip.” Andrés Herzog thanked WCK for “standing up for the well-being of Israelis and Palestinians and for the values ​​of humanity.”

World Central Kitchen was founded by Spanish-American Michelin-starred chef Andrés with his wife Patricia in 2010 after the great earthquake in Haiti to provide food aid to survivors. WCK gradually spread to other regions of the world and operates in places of natural and war disasters.

In addition to the Gaza Strip, it also delivers humanitarian aid to, for example, Ukraine, affected by the war with Russia. According to the Israeli military, the WCK was also one of the first NGOs to help in Israel after the Hamas terrorist attack on October 7 last year. After Monday’s strike, the WCK suspended its activities in the Gaza Strip.

Three shots per convoy. The target of the attack was a Hamas gunman, not humanitarian workers, the Israeli newspaper writes

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