Drive carefully: seven roads in Nymburk with the most frequent accidents involving animals


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Almost every day a traffic accident happens. This was the reality in Nymburk last year. In some of the riskier sections, hunters, at the instigation of the police, have placed odor fences to deter animals.

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Illustrative photo.

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Accidents with roe deer and other wild animals that cross the road are increasing in Nymburk. According to police spokeswoman Barbara Schneeweiss, police officers in the region dealt with 288 of them last year.

In an effort to limit the problem, they therefore approached hunting associations with a request that they contribute to reducing the number of traffic accidents with animals in the most risky sections by, for example, placing scent fences. “In several cases, the hunters complied with the police and installed these fences on the roads,” confirmed Schneeweissová.

The place near Zbožská Street, where a temporary winter hall with an ice surface is to be built.

An inflatable hall with ice will be built in the summer next to the housing estate behind the primary school playground

The police selected seven sections in the Nymburk region where accidents involving animals occurred most often last year, these are roads between forests and between villages.

The most common places in Nymburk where animals cross the road

– forest section between the villages of Dymokury and Nouzov (I/32)
– forest section between the villages of Velenka and Sadská (II/611)
– between the villages of Zbožíčko and Milovices (II/322)
– between the village of Poděbrady and the turnoff to Chvalovice (I/38)
– forest section between the villages of Mcely and Seletice (II/279)
– near Boží Dar airport, Milovice (III/27212)
– near the village of Zverínek – Nymburk (II/330, between the 13th and 14th kilometers)

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