Young people are leaving, the base is narrowing. The jumps are getting a tailgate, regretting the boss of Dukla


In the corridors of the Dukly saddle in Liberec, which takes care of the best ski jumpers, hang photos of famous jumpers of the past. Today it’s just nostalgic memories.

In a country made famous by names such as Raka, Ploc, Sakala or Janda, there is only one jumper left capable of fighting with the best in the world: 30-year-old Roman Koudelka.

Roman is an immeasurable person. First, he had to get to 100 percent condition with an injured knee, which he luckily did, to the coach of the army club Georgiev at the address of the lomnica jumper, who wobbled in style in the past season and penetrated the board twice in the World Cup.

Given things are not happy. Jumpers Radek Rdl, Krytof Hauser and Frantiek Holk ended their careers. Two of them stupidly made up half of the representative darkness. Filip Sakala, daily sports editor of the association’s show jumping section, and Frantiek Lejsek passed away last year. A year ago, former junior world champion Viktor Polek said goodbye to the sport at the age of 24.

At first, how did you feel about the fact that you were lazy at such a representative team?
I’m sorry for how it came to this. I certainly wouldn’t want to talk the boys down, not at all, but I think they haven’t exhausted all the possibilities. Maybe they didn’t sit well with the Slovenian coaches (Gaj Trk and Jure Inkovec), who lead the national team. But we could have found you a domcho trainer for them. Maybe one of them would stay. It’s short code that we ended it so quickly. We, as an army department, have a contract with them until May 31, but we were not even invited to those talks.

Was it surprising?
Yes. We could at least sit down in the presence of the national team trainers, talk to each seductress individually and analyze everything in depth. In essence, we only know that the boys did not have a professional approach, but we do not know the details. But I don’t want to bother with it too much. They told you that if you don’t want to fight the Slovenians, we’ll stop, but I’m simply not satisfied with your assessment. They worked here for several years, how it worked, and then we cut it like this.

Who were you len Dukla?
Holk ran for Lomnica nad Popelka, but was stuck under Liberec. Rdl and Hauser were the seducers of Dukla Liberec.

Who is left among the jumping elite?
Let’s take our number one Roman Koudelka. Behind him is Benedikt Holub from Frentt, whom we also take care of under Dukla. Then there are those juniors between the ages of eighteen and seventeen. But we don’t have that generation at all, it has disappeared. And there is one more thing to do with it.

Due to the flat jumpers, it is best not to exert any pressure from below. In short, we don’t have such a seductress poet so that we can choose according to the results. And with the way pika was living and we don’t even have good opportunities for thorn, the jumps are up to the tail.

Can you compare the current situation with the time when you worked at Dukla as a coach?
That was in 2001. Back then, going was a basic military service, so it’s not completely comparable. But we always had about eight old jumper-representatives, then let’s add the three soldiers from the service base and below them was a center of younger ones. Altogether, roughly twenty skydivers could be secured at Dukla.

And today?
We have six or seven of them. It’s easy. We have fallen to the level of a country that sends only one jumper to the World Games.

This is Roman Koudelka. Were you surprised by the style in which he moved among the world’s elite?
Yes, very nice, but Roman is extremely d. He had to get back to 100% fitness with his injured knee, which luckily he did. And then he asked to sit down with the representative coaches, which was also successful, because Roman always knows what he needs and what suits him. I knew that the only way to be among the best is to lead the way. When he saw the love and talent of the national team trainers, he also started it.

But who will be the representative of the team after the departure of the young jumpers?
He will probably have to think about the fact that they will also take young juniors. So a company of some six jumpers, including thirty-year-old Koudelka and seventeen-year-old Bukhara, is crystallizing here.

does it really mean that a young jumper in his twenties is a career horse? the five conditions you offer them?
I don’t think the jumpers will be impressed by the conditions. They change with the fact that he has to go to Austria or Germany for the thorns. Sp is about professionalism. Someone takes it so that when it is ten or fifteen in the World Cup, he goes a little bit short.

Well, on the other hand, young people, and I’m not just talking about the jumpers, have it set up so that in the day you occupy the pole, fall somewhere and think that you’re doing 100 percent, but damn it’s far from true. They can’t imagine what Koudelka has to do when he wants to get on the board. You’ll probably find that even those guys who think they’re doing their best have failed because of this, but the truth is: You didn’t get to the height you should have gotten to, and you’re walking on thorns like hell. And when the friction is not favorable to Koudelka, they will also fall on the others. But there must also be good chemistry in the dark.

And she wasn’t?
From the beginning, I believed that it would work, but as the seductive analogy stung, I picked up the nervousness of the consequences and it started to fall apart. Well, and gradually some kind of conflict arose from this, which resulted in the departure of those t.

What is the actual role of Dukla Liberec in the preparation of lya?
The Dukla Army Sports Center ensures the preparation of the national sports team. We finance all training camps in domestic and foreign conditions, and trainees are employed under Dukla. But as we go down as a result, the coach is secured, so the representatives are paid by the union.

A known problem is the lack of places where jumpers could prepare…
Yes, that’s right, there are no revenges, we don’t have children. We have to go to Desn, Lomnica and especially Harrachov. In summer, we can also prepare for Jetda, otherwise it will completely fall apart… But otherwise, we are going abroad. But we have to fight with our competitors even for this condition, not everything can be reduced to just a lack of space.

It’s a big mistake to fix my Harrachov. Will it be a boost for jumps?
Yes, in the past the hundred and twenty can be converted to the HS-162 bridge, as it does not exist in Europe. It will be great for the seductions of the Continental or even the World game. But in Harrachov pod neměn, we have a fully reconstructed area of ​​small ski jumps, which we would need for the upbringing of the younger ones.

Do you think that jumping is the current hottest sport at Dukla?
Yes, I would say that they are in the deepest slump. That’s just reality. We have some stock in both the active and teenage years, but between the ages of fifteen and eighteen, God created a large number of young temptresses.

He takes it for granted that Dukla Liberec supports the most famous names.
They are self-proclaimed Olympic athletes Ester Ledeck and Eva Adamczykov. Snowboarder Zuzana Madrov made great progress. In bhu na lych we have Michal Novek, Kateina Janatová, Tereza Beranová or Jiho Tue, who was seventh at the World Junior Sprint Championships. Beck left TJ Dukla Liberec for a long time and won the Superpohr, which is a scoring domestic club, and that gave me great joy. We have a lot of talent in both.

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