Baba Vanga was not at all kind to humanity for the next year. According to her, the year 2023 will bring big changes

Baba Vanga was not at all kind to humanity for the next year. According to her, the year 2023 will bring big changes
Baba Vanga was not at all kind to humanity for the next year. According to her, the year 2023 will bring big changes

A Bulgarian woman, known as Baba Vanga, is often quoted in connection with predictions of the future. If we want to believe, then it is true that in recent years we can find quite a few world events that can be quite closely connected with her prophecies. Like, for example, the war in Ukraine. How will this conflict turn out according to the fortune teller? They say that no one can stop Russia. So we have to hope that she was wrong in this prophecy. After all, at some moments it seems that perhaps the aggressors could be stopped by their own inscrutable technique.

The year 2023 is approaching, what will it bring?

Even though we’re still only two-thirds of the way through this year (or rather already…), it’s certainly a good idea to start preparing for the possible events that could come next year. Grandma Vanga had her opinion on that too – unfortunately. According to her predictions, nothing very pleasant awaits us in the coming months either. Some omens are quite believable, others would probably be better left lying aside. However, even if we choose only the milder ones, we have nothing to look forward to.

Changes in space and on Earth

Although the definitive end of the world should not yet occur – according to baby Vanga, it will not come until 5079 – it is said that there will be an important moment for the Earth, when the path of its journey through space will change at least slightly. What it would actually mean, what changes we would see in nature and in our lives, we can only argue about. Anyway, the other unpleasant news that this fortune teller had for us for the next year is a devastating virus infection that humanity has long forgotten about. The truth is that the melting, not long ago, permanently frozen soil, for example, in remote areas of Russia, hides many sneaky surprises.

The Killing Sun

Another of the predictions for next year concerns the Sun and its unprecedented activity. Baba Vanga spoke of a storm the likes of which we have not yet seen or experienced, a storm that can destroy and kill. The truth is that the Sun is now slowly approaching the peak of its eleven-year cycle, when its activity is steadily increasing. It is during these days that scientists can observe the impact of one of the great solar eruptions on Earth, especially on technology and GPS networks. With increasing dependence on advanced technology, humanity has to fear these moments more and more. Was the Bulgarian old woman right?

Nuclear war imminent

But an even greater horror could come from the people themselves. It was to them that Baba Vanga attributed the outbreak of a nuclear war between the USA and Russia for the year 2023, in which according to her estimate, 5 billion people will die and others will subsequently suffer from hunger and cold because there will be nothing to eat. The temperature on Earth would drop by up to 16 degrees. But we can decide not to believe her predictions, which is probably the only thing that can save us from losing our mental health.

And the aliens finally…

In addition to the deviation of the Earth from its orbit, unprecedented solar eruptions and annihilating nuclear war would In addition, an alien invasion awaited the survivors – apparently not very friendly. So to sum it up, if we were to believe this prophecy, it would probably be unwise to plan for longer term investments. But the end of the world and similar disasters have already been predicted so much that humanity would not exist for many centuries. So let’s believe that even Baba Vanga can be wrong this time.

Source: en.wikipedia, annual, baba-vanga

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