Fiala insists on the statement about the pro-Russian organizers of the demonstration

Fiala insists on the statement about the pro-Russian organizers of the demonstration
Fiala insists on the statement about the pro-Russian organizers of the demonstration

Prague – Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) insists on his statement that Saturday’s anti-government demonstration was called by forces that claim to be pro-Russian. On twitter today

, that the statement did not refer to the demonstrators, but to the organizers of the event, which, according to police estimates, was attended by around 70,000 people in Prague’s Wenceslas Square. According to Fiala, the cabinet does not underestimate the concerns of citizens and there is a way to manage the increase in energy prices. The statement has been criticized by many politicians since the weekend.

Fiala said at the weekend that the demonstration was called by forces that claim a pro-Russian orientation, are close to extreme positions and are against the interests of the Czech Republic. “It is clear that Russian propaganda and disinformation campaigns repeatedly appear on our territory, and someone simply succumbs to them,” said the Prime Minister.

Today, Fiala wrote on social media that he was asked if he regretted his statement. “I stand by my statement, which did not concern the demonstrators, but the organizers. The demonstration was organized by members of the Russian fifth column. There is enough evidence. Just look at who stood on the stage and what they said,” he said. These people see the solution to expensive energy in leaving NATO and the EU, Fiala pointed out. “They want to make us a vassal of Moscow again. And that needs to be named and confronted,” he says.

According to him, there is a way to manage rising energy prices and inflation. “It will be clear during September. We do not underestimate the concerns of citizens. We also announced a robust support program a long time ago for all those who will still have problems managing inflation,” he said. He is convinced that there will be no need to go to the square and similar “dubious” events. “That won’t help anyone with expensive bills,” Fiala stated.

For example, politicians from the opposition movements ANO and SPD criticized the Prime Minister for his statement. According to ANO vice-president Alena Schillerová, he showed arrogance and incomprehension towards the public, SPD MP Jan Hrnčíř considers the statements arrogant and stupid. The head of the Association of Regions, Martin Kuba (ODS), also called the statement unfortunate, and he was also criticized by the chairman of the Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions (ČMKOS) and presidential candidate Josef Středula.

The protest called Czech Republic in the first place was a joint action of organizations, political parties and citizens who do not agree with the current policy and want the resignation of the government. The organizers mainly criticized the high energy prices and the pro-Western course of the current government.

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