Disgusting Serbian reaction to end in Qatar: Riots in Vienna and death to rivals

Far beyond sports! Friday’s duel between the Serbs and the Swiss (2:3) ended up being better for the Alpine country. But some Serbs tried this with difficulty, and many of those who live in Austria took to the streets of the capital, where they shouted disgusting slogans.

The Austrian website Heute.at described the whole situation. The riots occurred after the end of the duel between Serbia and Switzerland. Hundreds of Serbs subsequently flooded Ottakringer Street in Vienna, where, according to Austrian media, they also set off pyrotechnics.

The police immediately arrived at the scene, at which some of the hooligans started throwing bottles. Due to the riots that took place in Vienna, traffic was stopped in the area. Cars could not pass through the mentioned street and public transport was also stopped.

In some videos that have appeared on social networks, fans call for death to Albanians: “Kill, kill, da siptar not stand,” which is in translation “Kill, kill, so that Siptar (designation for Albanians, editor’s note) no longer exists.” According to the Austrian website, the police surrounded and identified 150 people who were guilty of rioting.

However, the wave of hatred towards the Albanians was probably unleashed by the coach of the Serbian team, Dragan Stojkovič, during the match. A video has surfaced showing him shouting during the match:“I f*** your Albanian mothers,” thereby implicating two Swiss players. Namely, it was supposed to be about Xhaka and Shaqiri, who have Albanian roots.

Dragan Stojkovic

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