Trump spikes campaign with images of bound Biden

Trump spikes campaign with images of bound Biden
Trump spikes campaign with images of bound Biden

Trump shares the 20-second video on his account on the Truth Social platform, which is part of his business empire. In the footage, several cars can be seen driving with the slogan “Trump 2024” on their sides with an American flag.

On the back side of one of the vehicles, a large photomontage of a handcuffed Biden is installed over its entire width, giving the impression that the acting president has been kidnapped and thrown into the back of a pickup truck.

According to the media, the car “procession” is supposed to represent the way to the funeral of a recently murdered police officer from New York, which Trump’s supporters attribute to the increased crime in the US, for which they say the Biden administration is to blame. The video spread very quickly among fans of the Republican ex-president and current challenger to Biden, and Trump himself apparently liked it.

There was consternation in Biden’s Democratic camp as Trump went too far with his latest outing. The ex-president does not miss an opportunity to make fun of his rival or ridicule him, but this time he crossed the line.

“Trump regularly incites political violence and it’s time people took him seriously. Just ask the Capitol Police officers who were attacked while defending our democracy on January 6, 2021,” said Michael Tyler, the Biden campaign’s director of communications, referring to the incident in which hundreds of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol in the fall of 2020 after his election defeat. Washington.

Trump’s campaign team countered by saying that it is the Democrats who glorify violence. “Democrats and deranged lunatics have not only called for despicable violence against President Trump and his family, they are mobilizing the judiciary against him,” Trump’s staff spokesman Steven Cheung said, according to the AP. Regarding the photo montage with Biden, he said it was “a picture on the back of a pickup truck driving down the highway.”

The Secret Service, which protects current and former US presidents, has yet to comment on whether it will initiate any investigation in connection with the controversial photomontage.

Where the hell am I? Trump imitated Biden


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