China should give Russia a clear message regarding Ukraine, Paris urges

China should give Russia a clear message regarding Ukraine, Paris urges
China should give Russia a clear message regarding Ukraine, Paris urges

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China should send “very clear messages” to Russia regarding the war in Ukraine. According to AFP, French Foreign Minister Stéphane Séjourné said this today in Beijing at a joint press conference with his Chinese counterpart Wang I. The ministers also spoke about the need for strong economic relations between China and France.

“We expect China to send very clear messages to Russia,” Séjourné said, while at the same time calling for a “balance of power favorable to Ukraine.” He added that China “clearly plays a key role in independence and respect for international law, which includes the sovereignty of Ukraine.”

Beijing, which outwardly takes a neutral stance on the Russian-Ukrainian war, has deepened relations with Moscow since the beginning of its invasion of Ukraine and is in favor of a political settlement of the conflict, AFP reminds. At the same time, the West has repeatedly urged China to play a more active role and use its influence on Moscow.

“This war concerns the entire international community,” emphasized the head of French diplomacy. “We are convinced that there will be no lasting peace if it is not discussed with the Ukrainians,” the French minister went on to say. “There will be no security in Europe if peace is not in accordance with international law,” added Séjourné.

His Chinese counterpart Wang emphasized bilateral economic relations between China and France and made no mention of Russia’s war against Ukraine in his opening remarks at the press conference, according to AFP. He stressed that China will import even more high-quality products and services from France, and expressed hope that France will provide a fair business environment for Chinese companies. He also spoke in favor of deepening cooperation in the areas of the aviation and space industry, agriculture and green transformation.

France, which, like Germany, is concerned about, among other things, the import of cheap electric cars from China, according to the French minister, will continue negotiations on reducing risks for the French market, but there is no threat of protectionist measures. It is not desirable to separate economically from China, what is needed is an economic balance in which trade will rest on a healthy and sustainable basis, Séjourné declared.

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