Underground bunkers: Famous billionaires prepare for the apocalypse, build self-sufficient mansions

Underground bunkers: Famous billionaires prepare for the apocalypse, build self-sufficient mansions
Underground bunkers: Famous billionaires prepare for the apocalypse, build self-sufficient mansions

An anti-nuclear bunker is not exactly something special and unusual for the Czechs. A number of them were built on our territory in the past, and one of the best-known companies that today builds high-quality, luxurious bunkers for the powerful and rich is the domestic company Oppidum. However, the demand for these abodes has been growing in recent years, with a number of wealthy billionaires far from just protecting themselves from the eventual end of the world.

Some rich people today are no longer just trying to prepare to survive a possible disaster. As part of these projects, more and more of them are also building extensive infrastructure, including the production of their own food, in case they have to stay in that place after the apocalypse. Especially for American billionaires, Hawaii is becoming a popular destination for these investments.

Zuckerberg leads

Today, probably the most famous complex resembling a base for surviving the eventual end of the world is being built here by the founder of the social network Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. He bought a plot of land on the island of Kauai with an area of ​​more than five square kilometers, the plans of which also include a giant underground bunker. However, an ordinary mortal will have trouble even catching a glimpse of Zuckerberg’s land. It is protected by two-meter walls and omnipresent armed guards.

Even the craftsmen who install the electricity, process the wooden frames or paint Mark’s future rooms are afraid to talk about what is being built behind these walls. As Wired reports, the project is so big that a large part of the island of Kauai has signed a nondisclosure agreement and does not publicly talk about the billionaire mansion that is being built for them. But everyone knows very well who it belongs to. Despite the secrecy, some information about him was found.

For example, an underground bunker with an area of ​​460 square meters will be part of more than a dozen buildings with at least 30 bedrooms and the same number of bathrooms. At the same time, the complex is planned to be completely self-sufficient not only from the point of view of drinking water or energy, but also the cultivation of agricultural crops and the behavior of animals. Its price, combined with the purchase price of the land, should cost Zuckerberg 270 million dollars, i.e. about 5.4 billion crowns.

Winfrey, Ellison and Bezos

TV star and the richest African-American in the world, Oprah Winfrey, also has her land on the nearby island of Maui. And the billionaire Larry Ellison, behind the technology company Oracle, bought almost the entire island of Lanai here for a change, where he seems to have very ambitious plans related to agriculture. For example, Jeff Bezos is building his residence containing an underground bunker on Indian Creek Island near Miami.

At the same time, all these giant projects place a similar emphasis not only on safety, but also on self-sufficiency. In other words, these are not just holiday resorts where the world’s richest people can blow their noses in peace. This is also why their sudden boom raises a number of questions among the public. For example, do these people with global influence and connections know something that ordinary mortals have no idea about yet.

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In the US, this impression is quite strong. According to surveys, up to 74 million residents of the United States, i.e. almost a third, think about a possible giant disaster and try to actively prepare for it. It is also interesting that the youngest generation Z is preparing for the arrival of the so-called “end of the world” most actively. The preparation for the arrival of the disaster is not underestimated by a full forty percent of its representatives.

Source: Wired, The Conversation

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