The university is dealing with the problem of anti-white racism

The university is dealing with the problem of anti-white racism
The university is dealing with the problem of anti-white racism

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is handling a case of alleged discrimination against whites. This is one scholarship program that, according to a complaint filed with the US Office for Civil Rights (OCR), gives preference to students of color. The program itself is aimed precisely at the black population, natives and “people of color”.

Cornell University law professor and founder of the legal group Equal Protection Project (EPP) William Jacobson said on Legal Insurrection that the OCR has opened an investigation into the project, titled “Creando Comunidad: Community Engaged Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) Fellows.” (loosely translated We Form Community: Blacks, Indigenous Peoples and People of Color) after the EPP filed a complaint against him in January.

“The opening of an investigation by OCR is an important first step in holding the university accountable for a program that on its face discriminates in favor of ‘BIPOC’ students, which is a racial and ethnic categorization,” Jacobson said, noting that the law requires equal protection of all students regardless of race and ethnicity. “We hope that the full investigation and decision will uphold this policy,” Jacobson added.

OCR confirmed the investigation in a letter sent to EPP, which also included a disclaimer. “Please understand that the initiation of an investigation does not mean that OCR has decided the complaint,” OCR said. The university confirmed to Fox News Digital that it is aware “that the Office for Civil Rights is responding to the complaint filed in January and will cooperate with the investigation.”

The university announced the program’s launch last August, describing it as a “group-based program that meets monthly to connect non-white college students who are currently seeking community involvement.” The scholarship’s stated mission is to “focus and enhance the strengths of BIPOC undergraduate students engaged in critical community-engaged work, as well as provide opportunities for community building, collaboration, support, and personal/professional development.”

Those accepted into the program are tasked with developing and participating in community-building and mentorship strategies. They will be required to “attend a total of seven 90-minute group meetings” over the course of the academic year and will be required to present their community engagement work. Each participant will also receive a scholarship in the amount of 500 dollars (11,725 ​​crowns).

Jacobson claims the scholarship program promotes “racial educational barriers” and divides academia by color. “Sending the message to students that access to opportunity depends on race is damaging to the fabric of the campus,” he told The Examiner.

His group claims in the complaint that the scholarship is a violation of the 14th Equal Protection Amendment and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. In a statement to Fox News, Jacobson said the EPP is calling on UW-Madison to publicly acknowledge its wrongdoing while implementing a racially discriminatory program, she apologized, opened the program to all students regardless of race or ethnicity, and came up with a remedial plan to compensate students who were wrongfully excluded. “If UW-Madison does not take these steps voluntarily, we hope that OCR will force the university to take these steps,” Jacobson said.

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