“When you tell a Frenchman that a man might be pregnant, he bursts out laughing.” France riots

“When you tell a Frenchman that a man might be pregnant, he bursts out laughing.” France riots
“When you tell a Frenchman that a man might be pregnant, he bursts out laughing.” France riots

Not only in the Czech Republic, but in Western culture in general, the English word woke, which means waking up, has been taking root for a few years now. In fact, it is a culture of invoking political correctness and inquiry into the rights and feelings of minorities of all kinds. Greater protection of minority rights and insistence on political correctness are called for by those who have “come to their senses” and understood that the way society has been functioning so far has not been in order.

And in part of French society, resistance to this trend is growing.


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About once a month at Le Laboratoire de la République, a think tank in central Paris, the cream of a very specific section of French society is gathering to warn against what it sees as dangerous and (society) divisive imports. Among the speakers were the French-Algerian novelist Kamel Daoud, who described wokeism as ‘dangerous’ and ‘boring’, the influential academic and specialist on Islam Gilles Kepel, who condemned cancel culture in universities, and Nathalie Heinich, a sociologist who described wokeism as a ‘neo-totality ‘,” the server Politico wrote at the beginning of the topic.

“We don’t need to ban expressions that don’t suit us in order to advance the fight against discrimination,” the sociologist pointed out.

The aforementioned think tank was founded in 2021 by Jean-Michel Blanquer, former Minister of Education under President Emmanuel Macron. According to the server, he invoked the defense of the values ​​of the republic, Blanquer believes that the woke culture understands society as a group united in groups and does not sufficiently take into account the individuality of the individual.

Writer Brice Couturier, one of those who criticize woke culture, believes that “the Republican ideal is egalitarian and inconsistent with the idea that identity, even racial identity, should become an important cultural marker.

“Even today, the French government refuses to keep statistics on the country’s ethnic and religious makeup, saying it would be divisive and reminiscent of the World War II data collection used to round up Jews. And much of the debate about immigration, especially from predominantly Muslim countries, has focused on objections to overt religiosity in the public sphere,” Politico added to the topic.

“I fear that France will follow in the footsteps of the US, where wokeism is the dominant ideology in universities, in elite universities,” Couturier said. He added that the students who graduate have “soaked up this ideology”.

The recently appointed conservative culture minister Rachida Dati has pledged to fight against wokeism, the “politics of censorship”.

In this context, the Politico server recalled that the MeToo campaign was also received with some embarrassment in France. Part of society accepted it, but part condemned it.

French culture is “resistant to wokeism,” said Mathieu Bock-Côté, a conservative essayist and political commentator. “There is a culture of disrespect here. “If you tell a Frenchman that a man might be pregnant, he’ll burst out laughing,” he added.

However, the Politico server also added to the topic that woke culture is now actually returning to France like a boomerang, because its foundations can be found in the French thinkers Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault, René Girard and Jean Baudrillard – who argued that truth is subjective and often determined by power relations .


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A look at French society, according to the server, also shows that the resistance against the woke culture is visible, but the majority of society is slowly accepting the principles of this thinking as their own. “24 percent think people ‘should stop making caricatures of religion,’ which is up 5 percent from 2015, and 41 percent think every level of society is affected by racism,” Politico noted.

Server The New York Post offeredalready in 2021 several ways to confront the woke culture if you don’t agree with it.

People should repeatedly remind themselves that they are free beings. And another point is related to this.

“Don’t say anything about yourself or others that you know to be false. Absolutely refuse to allow your mind to be colonized. The first crazy thing someone asks you to believe or believe, reject it. If you can, do it out loud. There’s a good chance it will inspire others to speak up as well.”

Two other points are also important.

“If you’re a decent person, you know that mob justice is never fair. So never join the crowd. At all. Even if you agree with the mobster. If you are a decent person, you know that betraying your friends is wrong. So if a friend or colleague does something you don’t agree with, write them a private note. Don’t be a jerk. Any mob that comes for them will come for you.”

And finally, you should set an example for your children in this.

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author: Miloš Polák


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