The Ukrainians showed a new kamikaze robot. He blew up the bridge


According to the newspaper Ukrainska Pravda, Ratel S functions as a transporter of charges, such as anti-tank mines or aerial bombs, which are detonated remotely by a human operator. It can thus replace tactical aviation and other costly combat systems. It is also suitable for breaking fortifications and trenches.

Photo: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

Ukrainian kamikaze robot Ratel-S armed with two mortar rounds

According to him, it was developed by the Ukrainian design bureau Brave1, which focuses on innovation and rapid development of new weapons, and was established by several Ukrainian ministries together with the General Staff of the Army.

Brave 1 also created an “invisibility” cloak some time ago that blocks thermal radiation and makes defenders invisible to Russian thermal cameras.

The four-wheeled Ratel S can move at a speed of up to 24 kilometers per hour and has a range of six kilometers. The battery lasts for up to 2 hours of action. It is suitable for frontline operations, but also for missions of special forces in enemy territory.

The destruction of the bridge in the direction of Bachmut is one example of the exemplary use of the “honey eater”. The Ukrainians have already started serial production of this kamikaze robot.

Like from Harry Potter. Ukrainians have an “invisibility cloak” that protects them from thermal imaging

The war in Ukraine

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