Video: Front line decimated by Russian glide bombs


Russian bombardment of frontline areas with the help of glide bombs has been causing considerable problems for the Ukrainian army in recent months.

These weapons, which appear in combat in versions weighing 500 to 1,500 kilograms, were first deployed last spring.

In addition, since the fall, Russian bombers have been increasingly carrying four glide bombs on missions instead of two. This is evidenced by the introductory video, which was published on the X social network, for example, by a respected military man Rob Lee from the US think tank Foreign Policy Research Institute. EjShahid, who also cooperates with the investigative server Bellingcat, states that the bombs were dropped in the area of ​​Hrušivka in the Zaporozhye region from deep within the occupied territory.

As Seznam Správy wrote earlier, gliding bombs are precision-guided aerial bombs with a range of up to several tens of kilometers if dropped from a sufficient height. They have a ton warhead and can hit the target with a deviation of barely a few meters. They are equipped with navigation systems and aerodynamic wings for “gliding” to the target.

In early December last year, Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yuriy Ihnat said that the number of reported Russian strikes with these weapons had increased to 100 per day. At the same time, instead of the original 500-kilogram bombs, the 1,500-kilogram version is starting to appear more and more, which has a significantly more destructive effect.

Big problem

The deployment of gliding bombs immediately meant an unpleasant change in conditions on the battlefield for Kyiv. Russian planes launch them precisely from the depths of their own or occupied territory.

The Ukrainian air defense had to move its combat systems closer to the front. Missiles must be close enough to the front to be able to fly over occupied or Russian territory. As a result, the Ukrainian army recently lost valuable equipment, including part of the American Patriot system.

Ukrainian security analyst Mykhajlo Samus, who himself has experience in the army, confirmed this in an interview for Seznam Zpravy.


Mychajlo Samus predicts that both sides of the conflict will be active this year. According to him, the Russians repeatedly focus on breaking through the front at any cost and gaining as much territory as possible for possible negotiations.

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