They mask their failure, write about brutal Russian violence to readers

They mask their failure, write about brutal Russian violence to readers
They mask their failure, write about brutal Russian violence to readers

The editors of Seznam Zpráv have selected the most interesting opinions for the Readers’ Forum from the discussion of the article about the Russian regime-supported and directly organized violence.

Ondrej Kovačič: No one disputes the need to punish crimes. But there is a difference between punishment and revenge. The purpose of punishment is to force the criminal to reform or to cut him off from society forever, if we are talking about life sentences or death sentences. The purpose of revenge is to vent the anger and aggression caused by the crime. When the state chooses revenge instead of punishment, it opens a Pandora’s box of violence, which can only end with people condoning violence and becoming the new norm. However, when the new norm becomes a part of society’s life, people will soon understand that no one is protected from violence, not even those who approve of it, and then a complex, long and above all painful process of correction will begin. I believe that Russia is destined to go through this process, and at the same time I hope that such a decline will never affect us.

Miroslav Šilhavý: There are plenty of disturbed people in every society. Even in our country, there are an awful lot of people who are convinced that they understand justice and morality better than laws and the legal order. It’s actually very easy to push society into thinking that the Esenbaker is a wise defender of the law and that a punch from the Esenbaker is just. We can see for ourselves how many people, completely without knowledge of history or civics, still swallow Major Zeman’s 30 cases as a detective story of society as it “should work”. Law is boring, slow and sometimes weak to assert itself. But it’s still better than enabling “well-intentioned” injustice.

Jan Žalud: If the FSB had not engaged in bullying its own people who are against the war, as well as bullying occupied Ukrainians, this would never have happened. Demonstrations of violence do not cover incompetence. Even the fans of FK Horní Dolní can beat up those criminals. The FSB had to prevent this massacre. And she couldn’t do it. Even though a lot of secret services said it in advance. It is the price in the lives of rich Russians for the unjust war in Ukraine.

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Veronika Fendrychová: And preferably tortured to death before trial and investigation. The dead can no longer defend themselves. And the regime is satisfied.

Stanislav Hrouzek: The claim that Russia is civilizationally backward is unfortunately just a euphemism. In fact, it is a type of violent society that is possible only in dictatorships and has always been considered unacceptable in civilized societies.

Vilém Barák: The measure of being in a functioning democratic, free country is the number of kicks in the ribs and head bangs on the pavement during arrests. Resp. the possibility of holding the offender accountable.

Petr Chylík: Forward left, direction DPRK. But unfortunately, historically it works quite well. We also “shut up” for 40 years. If it weren’t for Ronald Reagan and then Gorbachev, we still have it today and stand in line for bananas and oranges before Christmas. I still forgot about Mr. President Václav Havel. But if it weren’t for Ronaldo and “Gorbi”, he would have ended up like Navalny. And fortunately we are not Russia! It was always x times worse there.

Vladislav Zvelebil: If you’re not sure about something, drown it out with boyish brutality! In Russia, not only are they not entirely sure that they are trying the real perpetrator. In Russia, many times they know that they are judging an innocent, framed victim. Therefore, boyish brutality must be even greater to overcome it.

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Martin Holý: Russian society has always been close to violence, which has been beautifully described by a number of Russian writers. Today, the majority of Russians not only celebrate the killing of civilians in Ukraine, but also criticize the army for being too lenient. Horror. Quite similar to Hamas supporters.

Jarmil Sýkora: Russians have always been “philanthropic”… This was seen in the Bolshevik purges after the Bolshevik revolution, the famine in Ukraine, they killed Polish soldiers without mercy in Katyn, otherwise they did not treat their own – the first trick was followed by the second, and machine guns mowed down the returning soldiers. It is also known how the Russians behaved in the conquered areas, they looted, plundered, stole, raped, tortured and killed innocent civilians. We also saw how they behaved after the war: Where the Russian stepped, grass did not grow for a hundred years. The Russian can only debate with threats and with a gun in hand, he knows no other arguments. Europe must defend itself against this malignant disease from the East and must protect the achievements of Western civilization.

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