et sthai ste heaven above pti stty. Unique situation for a month

et sthai ste heaven above pti stty. Unique situation for a month
et sthai ste heaven above pti stty. Unique situation for a month

From the 1st of January, pilots with Gripeny began to cover the air space of Slovakia. The Slovak Air Force has now terminated the operation of its aging Soviet-made MiG-29 aircraft, and the first newly ordered American F-16 fighter jets will be delivered in 2024.

et aviators have to help Slovakia build the sky by the end of 2023. It involves two machines and one aircraft. If necessary, they should start from their mother’s warehouse in Slavo. As with standard Air Policing, the decision on the sharp takeoff will be made by the CAOC Air Operations Center in Germany, which will choose according to proximity and Czech or Polish airmen.

In the case of, for example, a hijacked plane, the so-called Renegade concept, when Slovakia would be threatened by a terrorist flow, even emergency planes would fly under the command of the Slovak national.

For the Czech Republic, nothing changes in the way of personnel or aircraft, only when the round is full, their actions also spread to Slovakia. The soldiers, who famously worked for R, will now work for Slovakia.

We will not shed extra pilots, nor will we lay off workers, confirmed the commander of the Slavsk warehouse, Jaroslav Mka. Czech Republic will not mix its rhymes with any of the Slovak compositions. In order for the machines to make it to the other end of Slovakia, they will be equipped with either fire engines or additional fuel during the flight from a tanker sent by NATO.

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According to Mka, the reason is the geographical proximity and thus the insufficient number of aircraft that have Vzdun sly available. With 14 Gripen, we can afford to deploy them abroad only once in the years, which is enough for our squadron, he stated for the army website.

Out of a total of 14 machines, eight aircraft are currently on standby. In addition to the strikes for the protection of the domestic skies and first of Slovakia, another five planes will fly from April until the end of the Baltic airspace as part of the NATO mission.

At 122 ostrch above the Baltic Sea

Originally, about four missions of Czech pilots with Gripens in the Baltics were supposed to end in red. Enough of Lithuania, but stay two months later. They have several dozen sharp launches against Russian military aircraft. And he let go with the highest probability.

Together with the echoes, now in the Baltics, Maart and Nmet pilots who trained their French and Belgian colleagues. And again this year, Poland sent machines to Pobalt.

The activity of the Russian Air Force there has been unusual since the invasion of Ukraine. The Lithuanian Ministry of Defense reported 122 sharp launches to Russian military aircraft as of today. Of which 81 pmo to nmm Russian military machines. And that only since the beginning of April, when even the protection of the sky over the Baltic republics was tied.

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Behind him are the signal planes that appear near the airspace of the Allies and do not communicate with the change of air traffic, do not have the flight full or turn on the automatic response or all together. This should not only be an increase in mine flow in the worst case, but also a problem for civilian machines on flight paths.

The emergency teams are supposed to identify unknown aircraft and escort them to a safe distance.

How many such launches the airmen can account for is not yet known. The General of the Army R advised that the total distance of the sharp take-off and the type of full wheels cannot be specified because of secrecy and protection of the Czech unit in the Baltic.

Nicmn confirmed the credit that the Thais had taken off dozens of military machines by that time. For comparison, during the last mission in the Baltics in 2019, the four pilots recorded a total of 13 sharp take-offs for the entire three months of their operation.

Russian military flights in the region must be fixed in the Russian militarized exclave of Kaliningrad and back to Russia. However, shortly after the invasion of Ukraine, Russian war machines violated, for example, the airspace of the country. And Russian planes are now operating in the Belarusian territory, from where they launched missiles aimed at Ukrainian land.

Among the captures from the last days there were five alarms from August 18 and 19, when first the NATO strikes had to launch to a pair of Russian MiG-31 strikes, later to the Il-62 transport machine and those MiG-31 strikes and the Il-76 transport aircraft .

The next day, the pilots took off for a pair of Russian SU-24 tactical bombers flying from the Kaliningrad region very low above the Baltic Sea.

Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia do not even have airplanes, so since 2004 allies have been protecting their airspace.

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