The Ukrainians are getting the town of Lyman in their grip. They allegedly wiped out the entire Russian battalion

The Ukrainians are getting the town of Lyman in their grip. They allegedly wiped out the entire Russian battalion
The Ukrainians are getting the town of Lyman in their grip. They allegedly wiped out the entire Russian battalion

Ukrainian forces are carrying out attacks on the city of Lyman, which was taken over by Russia in May, in the Donetsk region in the east of the country.

the British Ministry of Defense citing information from British military intelligence. The American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) reported the same information around noon. According to Russian channels on social networks, they surrounded the entire Russian battalion in the village of Drobyševe. If they took control of the village, it would mean encircling the town of Lyman at the same time. The Ukrainian attack on a city in the Donetsk region is taking place on a day when the Russians are organizing a referendum in the occupied territories.

The fighting at Lyman was also confirmed by the Institute for the Study of War. “22. On 9 September, several Russian sources reported fighting northwest of Lyman and claimed that Ukrainian troops broke through Russian defenses in Redkodub and Karpovce, 20 km north of Lyman. Russian sources also said that Ukrainian forces have made a breakthrough near the village of Koroviy Yar (22 km northwest of Lyman) and are continuing attacks in Drobysheve (west of Lyman),” ISW said in a report this morning. It was not possible to verify on Friday evening whether the Russian battalion fell under the siege in those places.

According to London, Ukrainian soldiers managed to break through to the eastern bank of the Oskil River in the Kharkiv region in northeastern Ukraine. It was this river that Russian forces sought to incorporate into their defense line after the Ukrainians pushed them out of much of Kharkiv Oblast this month.

“The situation on the battlefield remains complex, but Ukraine is now putting pressure on territory that Russia considers essential to meeting its war aims,” ​​the British ministry said.

The command of the Ukrainian army then announced that Ukrainian forces had repelled enemy attacks in the vicinity of eight municipalities, naming towns mostly in the Donetsk region, including Avdijivka. The Ukrainians also managed to destroy a Russian Mi-8 helicopter, according to the report of the Army General Staff.

In addition, Russian forces shelled Zaporozhye on the night of Friday, just like the previous one, Anatoly Kurtev, a representative of Zaporozhye town hall, said according to the Unian agency. According to him, the attack damaged civil infrastructure in the city and seven houses. The governor of the Zaporozhye region, Oleksandr Staruch, said that three people were injured.

Later in the afternoon, the Ukrainian military reported a Russian attack on the port city of Odessa using an Iranian Shahid-136 drone. One civilian died in the attack. “The attack on Odessa was carried out by kamikaze drones from the sea. Two drones destroyed an administrative building in the port,” the southern operational command of the Ukrainian army said in a telegram. As it added, they managed to shoot down another so-called suicide drone over the sea.

A “suicide drone” refers to an unmanned aircraft that is usually designed from the outset to directly attack a target. It can also be built as a “waiting munition” that is released into the air to wait for the right moment to attack.

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