Nicotine yes, tobacco no. Philip Morris continues to transform its portfolio

Nicotine yes, tobacco no. Philip Morris continues to transform its portfolio
Nicotine yes, tobacco no. Philip Morris continues to transform its portfolio

There are roughly two million people in the Czech Republic who are users of alternatives to traditional cigarettes. Two tenths of the population used electronic cigarettes, 6.6 percent smoked pills and 2.8 percent smoked nicotine. One in four of young people between the ages of 15 and 24 use electronic cigarettes.

We see alternative gluten-free products as a contribution to the dream of hip sweat for the benefit of public health and society as such. That’s why we’re constantly expanding our portfolio of science-based alternatives using the latest technology to motivate adults to make a change. According to feedback from consumers, there is a strong motivation for such a decision and a wide range of variants and flavors, to Andrea Gontkoviov, chairman of the board of directors and general editor of Philip Morris for the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

The version of iqos iluma, for which these new nicotine refills without tablets are prepared, is part of the iqos family. It used to be full of angry tabbies and today it’s full of non-tabbies. According to PMI data, 20.8 million adults worldwide use it, more than half a million of them are in the Czech Republic.

Mild and recyclable

The demand for free alternatives among adult smokers, who would otherwise continue to smoke cigarettes, is growing significantly. How to dispose of discarded devices or used fillings so that the impact of this product on the environment is as low as possible, that the Philip Morris company programs for their reuse.

The offer of refurbished electronic devices is another step in the mosaic of our activities in the area of ​​sustainability. We pay attention not only to the effects of the production of our products on the environment, but also to what happens to them after the end of their useful life. ada iqos iluma Refreshed is a refurbished two-hand device that the user moved to one of the less than a hundred trunks, according to Roman Grametbauer, sustainability manager of Philip Morris R.

We will check and warm up all the equipment brought to us by the damaged wood in the wood recycling center. Those that cannot be repaired are dismantled and then recycled. Equipment that is suitable for restoration and repair will be used in accordance with written standards for quality and safety for refurbishing and subsequent sale. From taking back electrical equipment for recycling, we will now move to a new model, which is exchanged for the re-use of our products, adds Grametbauer.

The Philip Morris company in Czech Republic and Slovakia offers not only various programs for the collection and use of electronic devices, but also their filling. These can be collected by the user and handed over to the collection boxes, which are located in all iqos stores.

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