The electric Mercedes-Benz G officially: The three-ton off-roader has not lost its capabilities, on the contrary


After the initial EQG concept from 2021, the production version of the electric Mercedes G-Class is finally here. The off-road legend for flashlights, officially designated as the G 580 with EQ technology (not EQG), completes the portfolio of the recent modernization of the combustion variants of the “gecko”. In some respects, however, the novelty overtakes its conventionally powered siblings with its capabilities.

From a design point of view, the most striking element of the electric G-class is the smoothed radiator grille illuminated by an LED strip. Mercedes also optimized the aerodynamics with a new design of the A-pillar and a modified tear-off edge on the roof. However, it is still the same “geekko” with a typically angular body, a raised hood line or a full-sized spare wheel on the fifth door – this can optionally be replaced by a stylish storage box for a charging cable, tools or snow chains, following the model of the concept.

The ladder remains, deadlines are virtual

With the electric G-Class, Mercedes engineers did not want to make any compromises in the off-road capabilities of the model. The basis is therefore still the steel ladder frame, but of course with the necessary modifications – for example, the specially designed battery module is a structural part of the frame, which eliminates the need for separate transverse reinforcements. The combination of independent suspension of the front wheels with double wishbones is also preserved, and there is also a newly developed rigid rear axle. The suspension with adaptive dampers is identical to the conventional G-Class variants.

Drive is provided by four independent electric motors. Each drives one wheel and also has its own two-speed mechanical transmission as a reduction. Here, the mechanical locks of the differentials are replaced by the torque vectoring of the e-motors, referred to by the brand as “virtual locks”. By controlling the individual electric motors, the system can simulate the classic closing of all three differentials, i.e. both axle and inter-axle differentials. At the same time, it works completely automatically depending on the environment in which the car is currently located. It is therefore not necessary to turn the shutters on manually.

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The system output reaches 432 kW (587 hp), and the maximum torque is 1164 Nm – the electric car therefore surpasses even the top eight-cylinder AMG G 63 variant (430 kW/585 hp; 850 Nm). Speed ​​in a straight line has never been a “thing”, but the novelty manages to sprint from zero to 100 km/h in 4.7 seconds, and its maximum speed is limited to 180 km/h.

Three tons and the capabilities of a tank

The high-voltage lithium-ion traction battery with a usable capacity of 116 kWh ensures the specified range of up to 473 kilometers (WLTP). At the same time, it enables DC fast charging with a power of up to 200 kW, thanks to which the charging time from 10 to 80% capacity is around 32 minutes. With such a large battery, the electric Mercedes G is significantly heavier than conventional variants. With an operating weight of 3,085 kg, it weighs 530 kg more than the diesel G 450 d. For safe driving in difficult terrain, including trouble-free fording, the battery also received special protection and sealing.

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After all, with a maximum wading depth of 850 mm in water and mud, the electric G even surpasses the conventional version by 150 mm. Mercedes also highlights a ground clearance between the axles of at least 250 mm, a stable ride in a lateral tilt of up to 35°, a front approach angle of 32°, a rear approach angle of 30.7° and a crossing angle of 20.3°. So again at the level of combustion variants.

Perhaps the most interesting “trick” of the Mercedes G 580 EQ is the G-Turn function, or the so-called tank turn, during which the car can turn almost on the spot. On an unpaved or slippery surface, it performs up to two complete revolutions in the desired direction. Another special function is G-Steering, significantly reducing the turning radius of the car. This is achieved by targeted regulation of the torque on the individual wheels, when the “gecko” rotates around the rear inner wheel. The so-called transparent hood function, where the terrain under the front of the car is displayed using cameras on the infotainment display, is also part of the equipment.

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The Mercedes-Benz G 580 with EQ technology will be manufactured by the Austrian company Magna Steyr, which is also responsible for the internal combustion variants of the current G-Class. Market entry will start with the launch variant Edition One with special equipment. Mercedes has not yet announced the launch date and price.

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