The couple plays in Klicper’s theater and seeks relaxation in pole dancing or parkour

The couple plays in Klicper’s theater and seeks relaxation in pole dancing or parkour
The couple plays in Klicper’s theater and seeks relaxation in pole dancing or parkour

How did you go to the Klicper Theater?
Mary: Yes. But as very erstv pr. I think we could have been together for about a month, maybe two, when the Martins from Klicperek called with an offer to angam. I hated him so much. Martin is hardworking, honest, has a great appetite for work. Angam deserved it. His first production was Orestes. At the audition, one of the actresses announced that she would be leaving in the fifth season, and then it became a sight for me to meet her. I am very proud to do this adventure in the form of my first engagement with Martin.
Martin: I have to disagree. When they offered me a role in Klicperek, we didn’t want to go, but the sympathy was there for a long time. We had to confirm to each other that we were together, then I and Maria got in shortly after that too. It is very interesting and nice to observe where Maria has moved since the bike.
Mary: I didn’t expect to admit shame at the beginning of the interview like this.

How does vm play together?
Martin: A lot of time with Maria and it’s logical. Since we are close to each other in our relationship and at work, there is no problem with going to the other person and talking about it. As for intimate things that often happen on the surface, it is absolutely simple in our case. In Podob vc we play a couple in front and in Tle a secret agent in love. In both cases, it is a slightly strange relationship. In Secret Agent it is, among other things, connected with the time in which the story takes place, in The Shape of God it is that Phillip, who I play, is a total idiot.

Do you take your clothes home with you?
Mary: We try to leave these stupid idiots in the theater and not drag them into the house. But otherwise, of course. When Martin comes home from rehearsal, I ask how it was. When I’m happy with him, I’ll sell it. On the other hand, when something makes me sad, I also try to talk about it. When I need to repeat the text, I’m also heard from within. Theater is shorthand for a big bite, but we can talk about other things too.
Martin: Truth.

Martin, how was your trip to the theater?
From about the second grade of elementary school, I attended the drama club in Hoice, where I went until my twenties, when my friends and I decided to leave the drama school and founded our own Valise theater troupe. It started with us writing the author’s text Nevdnci and then rehearsing the theater play Oscar. All the effort led to the fact that I started going to Prague for preparatory courses with Ivan Wojtylov, and she prepared me for the entrance exams in Prague and Brno. I graduated from the Prague State Conservatory, started performing as a guest in the Municipal Theaters of Prague, then in other smaller theaters, and then directed my steps to the Klicper Theater.

What an experience Bowie’s Lazarus was for you at the Municipal Theaters?
Martin: A big one, no doubt. It was my first time trying out a piece in a professional theater from start to finish, and I was given space to engage with different ideas. I heard about the movement role and that was a big deal for me. In addition, I had a lot of fun with this piece, I could concentrate for two whole months trying to figure out what David Bowie wanted to do with the playwright Enda Walsh ct. What is hidden under all that text and songs. I knew Bowie’s music, but after this chamber musical I listen to him a lot more. It also affected my physics. I lost eight kilos there in a month.

Mario, and what do you learn from other echoes?
I was born into a family of non-volunteer women. In those years, I was put on the stage for the first time and to this day I have not come down. I go to the Netolic Theater regularly every summer like a wild person. To support mom, aunt, friends and grandma, like reisra. I’m always so tired and I have a terrible urge to go after them. I would really like to go play with them sometime. That’s not enough time, Netolice is really out of hand, but who cares. I’ll have to ask you sometime in the future.

How are you doing in Hradec?
Time. Hradec is a very nice town. You’re going to run out, I like it. It’s quiet here. But I’m happy to return to Prague for the wilderness. But what I’m getting used to now is the busyness of the business. often, in the evenings and around 9 o’clock in the evening, not even a door is open. When I forget something, I’m sorry. So you can read thorough shopping lists and not forget.
Martin: I also lost weight in Hradec. It will also be the fact that I spent my teenage years here and I have many pleasant and free memories connected first with Hradec. I always use the services that the city offers, and since I have quite a few people, it suits me that a person can get from point A to point B in 4 minutes. For example, a theater, a swimming pool, a new sports center, a jump arena, a laser game… In Prague, it was difficult to put them together. So many friends come from Hradec. It’s dark, add some eggs, move around and we’ll get married soon.

Martin, you play in Prain and in Hamlet, as well as Alfred Bartoe in The Secret Agent. Is it too dark for you?
Alfred Barto was the first to decide. I put something from my childhood into Tonda, who I play in Prain, and I can go crazy there and release some of the energy that I have in me. I wanted to play the character of Laertes since the second grade, when I played Hamlet for the first time. I find his line interesting, and I hoped that director Pavel Khek would handle the tense fight between Hamlet and Laertes classically, which was also true. It’s something between a dream and a sports erm, and I’m having a lot of fun with it. At the end of the introduction, I’m pretty exhausted.

Ovem Alfred Barto is important to me. Compared to Laertes, whom I played, I never thought that I could portray someone from the Slovak resistance against the Heydrichs. I’ve been interested in this kind of bike since the stock bike, and I’ve always admired the guys from Anthropoid, Silver A, Silver B, as well as all the guys who actively participated in these operations. I’m sure I can’t fully imagine how they respected each other, what they carried with them, how much fear they had for themselves, for their neighbor. pbh odvyprt Alfred Bartoe’s heart is a big est for me.

Mario, which role is right for you?
She didn’t drink… But my current favorite is the role of Babia and Betsy in the production Vyhubyt, which was written and directed by the young and irresistibly talented Tom Rli. It’s a dark comedy about the housing crisis. I didn’t know much about comedies before, so I learned it.

The series didn’t come back to me?
It’s a disgrace
Martin: It doesn’t make sense to me. If this conversation helped you, Good day and hello!

I heard that you both like dancing and sports, actually acrobatics and parkour. Is it true?
Yippee. I played a lot of sports since I was little. I danced in the dance group Crabdance from Prachatic, I did aerobics, athletics and I went to karate for eight years. For a long time, I was afraid of pole dancing, but here in Hradec, I got rid of it. So this is my new love.
Martin: It is so. I have tried many sports since childhood. It started with swimming and gymnastics, then playing basketball, which I played for five years. At the conservatory we had subjects such as different styles of dance, tap, martial arts, but mainly acrobatics. Mr. Petr Pachl led us and we couldn’t have asked for anyone better. I was immediately hooked, but this subject was only on the bike for the first few years, and later I went to him for lessons in my free time with my young companions. From acrobatics, I got to parkour and I try to develop it as much as I can when I have time. And since a hunter must have a solid body for this, I regularly go to the gym to exercise. It hurt, but it’s nice.

What vs ek?
Immediately after the premiere of the comedy With Caroline in the kitchen, the last premiere of the season is Celebration. I don’t know anything about it yet, but I heard that the guys and I will form a band there, and the game as such will be a lot of fun.
Mary: M too ek Celebration. I heard again that I should probably form a team with Jim Zapletal, so a huge team was born for that!

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