Krampol’s muse at the bottom: That’s nice… Well, the K word.


“It came about because we came together to the celebration of Dr. Ivanka Němečková. So I’m a well-mannered person who helps an elderly person up the stairs and then the crazy media frenzy started. It was terrible at first,” admitted Bláhová to “Jiří was the first person I called when the case started, I also called his manager. My manager also tried to help me with the whole team because they saw that it was not good. Of course, I have some mental problems from it, it’s not pleasant,” claims Kateřina, who denies all the time that she had a romantic relationship with the well-known actor.

Jiří Krampol in the hospital: They are putting him on his feet! He also did a squat!

Bláhová herself coped with the pressure from her surroundings as she could, but she was sorry that her family was also dragged into the media circus. “Dad and grandpa have been behind me all my life, and it’s not entirely pleasant when at work or on the street they hear things like: ‘Yes, your daughter, an actress, she’s pretty… Well, that’s the K word,'” the redhead said sadly. Today, he is trying to put all the gossip behind him.

Her friend Jiří is currently in Na Františ Hospital, where he was taken after taking an overdose of sleeping pills. Bláhová is in constant contact with him and even has information about his current state of health. But she wasn’t too sharing. “I don’t want to talk too much about it, after all I’m not a doctor and it’s a medical secret. I went to visit him and he is as good as possible.” said Kateřina mysteriously.

Jiří Krampol among people again: Human laughter gives me strength

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