REVIEW: Stellar Blade is an honest carving that is not afraid of violence or erotica


In January, when we selected the best action game of the year, we didn’t include Stellar Blade in the list. Not that it looks bad, but the debut of the Korean studio Shift UP, which until now only made games for mobile phones, felt like a typical Asian action game from the start, which tries to mask the lack of originality and its own ideas with the exposed cleavage of the main heroine. In the end, however, it turned out that it was another of the deleted exclusives, on which the Playstation brand put its marketing.

The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where robots and mutated monsters have inhabited the city.

However, it should not be hidden that at first glance the most visible aspect of the game is the main character Eve, or her physical parameters. While the West, thanks to causes like MeToo or GamerGate, has been trying to show female characters at least a little more likeable in recent years, Asians have it as always, and Eve has the image of a Playboy bunny. The sweaty wiggles over the coat in short tight latex panties, from which the panties come out with every sudden movement. I’ll borrow a thong. The forwards let it be heard that they did an extraordinary job with the modeling and movement of his butt, because it is the thing that the players will have in front of the besieged for the entire time of the edges, for which they then heard from the critics. Yes, it’s a way to prime it a bit, on the other hand, it actually has two meanings in the context of this universe.

Even though there are still a lot of photo errors, you can see the main character Eve from all sides.

This takes place in the distant future, when the planet Earth has been controlled by a bloodthirsty feather called Naytiba, and Eve is an android, a machine created for the most effective fight. The notion that people develop autonomous humanoid robots in a sexy shape is not so completely removed from reality, is it?

Every day, a robot led from outer space attacks brutally, and Eve finds herself alone deep in the body of a monster with no hope of escape. Pesto decides to continue in his round and destroy six of the insect commanders on his own. Well, it’s not an aspirant for the award for the last year, but it gets tangled up in a strangely interesting scene, when Eve breaks into the last human-besieged city of Xion and gradually begins to reveal what actually happened to the Earth back then.

Stellar Blade is based on the Souls Den, but offers a much cleaner gameplay.

Vvoi was inspired wherever he could, but mostly in the cult NieR (our review), and his spiritual father Yoko Taro also paid them a big tribute. Unlike it, however, Stellar Blade does not act as subversive and tries to create an airy atmosphere. What’s wrong with him, the post-apocalyptic world was created on the ruins of civilizations because of the bodyless self-destruction, and what about when the endless descent of the nebulous threatens you. And I don’t mean the word end literally, in terms of gameplay, this game is based on so-called souls, so if you land during your journey, all the pens you disposed of will rise from the dead.

Stellar Blade on PlayStation Portal

The game is also playable without problems on the PlayStation Portal (review included).

Stellar Blade on PlayStation Portal

Unlike the majority of games of this genre, the Stellar Blade bag is quite progressive. Yes, even here the fights combine properly timed cover, jump and own flow, they are quite tolerant and leave no room for mistakes. The process is almost the same as the camp, you can camp in them, buy equipment and spend experience points, their implementation is not as written as we know from games from From Software. In the event of death, you will not lose the accumulated experience, but there are some additional checkpoints in both passes, so that you never have to return too long.

The combat system is designed to be challenging but not frustrating.

A huge advantage is the rate of change in the pace of the game, something will always surprise you. There are well-mixed linear corridors, but also large open spaces where you have absolute freedom of movement.

If you get tired of fighting outside, you can run to the city and go there with adventure wheels, such as math puzzles or a detective pattern after the horses. A few times the game even becomes a pure mess when you have to do without your mee. All the time, you also have a small robot at your disposal, through which the bee communicates with Eva, which improves the overall experience. On the battlefield, it is close to him, but otherwise, sometimes the dead man constantly enriches the world with his memories, similar to what Ellie did to you in The Last of Us or Atreus in God of War.

What kind of Japanese game would it be if there was no rybait in it, eh?

Unfortunately, the open structure of the game has its disadvantage in that it allows your cars to go to places where you should not go due to the current level of driving. So what, don’t ever let them go. If you only follow the main storyline, you probably won’t have a problem with it, but the few times I’ve gotten into very frustrating situations, I’d normally leave them for later. The effort to honestly fulfill all the optional rounds in the school makes me disgusted by the game, some of them are sold out and only succeed in getting somewhere and grinding it out there.

The graphics are great, they worked hard even with the smallest details.

By filling the wheels and killing the enemies, unlock a new special stream that will charge you with the blocked enemies. Jet dleitj, however, are time-hidden cybernetic implants, with which you can increase basic statistics, such as ton and defensive strength. You will have only one weapon at all times, and there are only a few local variants of armor, so you don’t have to worry about constant inventory management. A lot of fine fabrics are available in cosmetic accessories, in addition to a lot of short and long items, you can also buy aces, hair dyes or ornaments such as glasses or nose rings.

Thanks to the handsome graphics, you will want to chisel. Stellar Blade is definitely not among the most beautiful that we could see in this area, but the streets we know from the demo version did not dazzle in any way. Later, however, visit a far more fascinating environment and many insights take your breath away. Where the game really excels are the animations, which make the fights look like something out of an action movie. In the middle of the three graphic modes, it runs as smoothly as possible and stuttering is rare.

All in all, it can be concluded that Stellar Blade is a far more free and elaborate game than it seemed to be. Bezostyn stole the king’s money (besides the changed NieR, there were names like Bayonetta, Darksiders 3 or Jedi: Fallen Order popping up at the edges), but you can still keep your own TV. In addition, I have excellent fights and pbh and a great exit. And if the main character saves the world in a latex miniskirt? As the Twitch manager once said, being sexy may not be a good idea, but it’s not against the rules. What’s more, this combination with the modern trend will be a positive thing for the game.

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