Tom Sturridge: I starved myself for months for the role of Sandman

Tom Sturridge: I starved myself for months for the role of Sandman
Tom Sturridge: I starved myself for months for the role of Sandman

To meet the expectations of the fans, thirty-six-year-old Tom Sturridge decided to choose the path of methodical acting. Instead of relying like many others on special effects, he was inspired by the actor Christian Bale and, like him, once for the film The Mechanic, Sturridge also went on a hunger strike for several months.

“Dream (or Morpheus) is bone and skin, nothing but sinew and muscle. For several months before filming, I hardly ate and exercised a lot,” says the actor in an interview with The Times magazine.

As a result, in his portrayal, Morpheus really resembles his comic book counterpart. “I had a terrible sense of responsibility. He is an incredibly empathetic character, able to empathize with anyone through dreams. It doesn’t matter if it’s a child, a parent, a friend, a lover, a mermaid or even a minotaur. Dreaming is what they all have in common,” explains Sturridge.

His passion for the cause has clearly paid off for the actor, as he receives nothing but compliments for his acting performance from fans and critics alike. “He brings something to the screen that is just not visible. Restraint, refinement, sharp elegance. Others would see it as something bombastic, but he captured the quiet grace, menace and fragility,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Absolutely accurate portrayal of the character, Tom Sturridge is absolutely perfect as Morpheus!” or “Netflix’s Sandman is a masterpiece and one of the best shows of the year,” read other comments. Therefore, it is not particularly surprising that many viewers are already calling for a second series of fantasy based on the ideas of the writer Neil Gaiman.

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