The car again crashed on the bike path in Jihlava, the driver had to be rescued by a helicopter


The incident happened on Saturday, March 30, before five o’clock in the afternoon.

“The 37-year-old driver of a Renault Megane car was driving on first-class road number 38. After leaving the feeder via the exit to the industrial zone, he skidded while passing a bend on the bridge with the vehicle. The car drove in the opposite direction, then hit a concrete plinth and a metal railing, which it overthrew. Then the vehicle crashed off the bridge and fell onto the bike path,” the police spokeswoman described the course of the accident.

The crashed car also damaged the metal railings on both sides of the bike path. The accident resulted in approximately 260,000 crowns in damage.

The driver was seriously injured and due to his condition, the police could not even perform a breathalyzer test. So a blood sample was taken. The man was then transported by an ambulance helicopter to a Brno hospital.

The police are investigating the cause of the traffic accident and all its circumstances.

This is not the first accident in the given location. A similar thing happened here four years ago. However, it turned out much more favorably for the driver then. In addition, both accidents miraculously spared pedestrians.

A young man in Jihlava flew off a bridge with his car and landed on a bike path

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