Lifesaving stations are bursting at the seams: When do babies lose their lives?


In addition to the sun and snowdrops, spring also brings many babies. Among them, in addition to birds, squirrels, foxes and small bunnies. People should be careful with them. Rescue stations are bursting at the seams, as people often bring them unnecessarily. The general ignorance of how to behave in the event of a found bunny is to blame.

The expert advised!

Rescue station Makov shared the contribution of this year’s first baby hare on social networks. The finders found the bunny on the road next to a dead bunny. They then brought him to the station. According to rescuer and author of the article Libor Šejna, this was the right approach.

The rescuer shared basic information about little bunnies, but also how to treat the baby if people find it abandoned in the wild. “The first bunnies are born already in February, they are fully furred and can see. They have no nest, so they lie huddled together on the ground. The bunny only goes to them at night,” stated

It is not good to touch the baby. Why?

According to Libor Šejna, they often appear in city parks and playgrounds. “If the cub is lying on the road, playground or sidewalk, pick up some grass in your hand and put it somewhere nearby under a bush or tree. Never play with it, pet it, give it to children, they are very stressed animals and often this alone can kill them.” the author emphasized in the post.

As Petr Stýblo from the Czech Union of Nature Protectors stated a few years ago, luckily “reaching out” alone does not mean death. A mother does not abandon her young. Even so, despite all the care of experts, half of such bunnies do not survive in the station.

In the end, Libor Šejna wrote that only those cubs that are injured or lying next to their dead mother need saving. Breeding in rescue stations is very demanding. As another example, the already mentioned Petr Stýblo also gave: “It’s worse when a dog or a cat brings a bunny and you don’t know where it came from. Then all you have to do is call the emergency station.”

The expert advised on the video when it is appropriate to bring the young to the station.

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