The Easter fair in Kladruby offered period scenes. People liked them


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The Easter fair in Kladruby, which took place on Saturday 30 March in the local area of ​​Sulan’s farm, offered visitors stall sales inspired by the Easter season, live music performed by the DM Band, and Kladruby bagpipe music with not only Chod songs.

At the Easter fair in Kladruby, skits performed by the local ethnographic association were also on display.
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At the Easter fair in Kladruby, skits performed by the local ethnographic association were also on display.

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The Regional Museum of Kladrubska has prepared a rich program, which also featured skits performed by the local ethnographic association. These skits presented traditional folk customs associated with Easter. “Men and boys walked with rattles that replaced the temporarily silenced church bells, other skits were dedicated to Easter Monday and the customs that accompanied the frolic in the village,” museum worker Jiří Kohout told Deník.

Few people went home empty-handed. The stalls were sold, for example, by pupils of the local elementary school, who offered Easter decorations, pom poms and other small, self-made items. It was also possible to buy Easter decorations, as well as honey and beeswax products, at the beekeeping club’s stand. Local resident Vladimíra Hollá sold various goodies at the stand, e.g. baked teas, jams (including banana ones), nut goodies, and nettle syrup. In other stalls it was possible to buy various small products, souvenirs or gifts, fashion accessories, jewelry. Lecko was interested in the process of making pom poms.

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And the visitors also enjoyed themselves at the refreshment stands, especially children were attracted by those with sweets and trdelniks or langoustines, while the local restaurant provided drinks, meat and sausages on the grill. “The whole event was absolutely great. You could see that after a long winter’s sleep, people needed the sun and to have fun outside. The atmosphere was cheerful, positive. The stands were full of original ideas and the music, whether duducka or DM Band, was simply perfect. Period skits under the baton Mr. Kasal’s were also very successful,” Lucie Samcová from Kladrubá assessed the fair.

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