Through the Czech Republic to Ukraine. 3.8 billion for Greek ammunition, the Greeks wrote. And the Ukrainians caught on


Where will the ammunition for Ukraine be taken? That’s a question that has far fewer answers than the question of who will provide the money for it. A part could be from Greece. The Greek server iEidiseis wrote yesterday that the ammunition of the Greek army for Ukraine is being taken out of storage, and that the Czech Republic will be involved. There is talk of an amount of 3.8 billion crowns. The news has already been picked up by the Ukrainian media.


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The so-called Czech initiative, where the Czech government is trying to obtain artillery shells for Ukraine, which has a shortage of them, is attracting a lot of attention in the Czech media. Every week there is a report about who wants to donate money to this initiative, Germany has to contribute an amount for 155 millimeter ammunition almost 15 billion crowns.

They have already come up with the initiative hymns from Great Britain, that whole cities can be saved thanks to her.

But the mystery is where this ammunition is supposed to come from. According to Echo24 sources part of the ammunition should come from Morocco and Indonesia, but also from other countries.

According to the Greek portal iEidiseis, part of the ammunition could come from the Greek army. Yesterday this server published the information that the Greek skalds of ammunition are being emptied to help Ukraine. The government is said to be preparing to send a large amount to Ukraine via the Czech Republic and is already seeking the necessary permits from parliamentary committees. The ammunition is said to be from the Greek Army and is “not active but serviceable”. It should be sold to the Czech Republic for 150 million euros, i.e. 3.8 billion crowns.

I’ll report back anyway Ukrainian media took over and the media sphere.

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author: Karel Šebesta


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