The swan “on a hook” was freed by an expert, it was not without a bath

The swan “on a hook” was freed by an expert, it was not without a bath
The swan “on a hook” was freed by an expert, it was not without a bath

“She was probably already wary of us, she had known us since November, when we caught her for the first time because of a similar misfortune,” explained Station director Pavlov Zbyšek Karafiát. This time, the station’s staff devoted themselves to saving the swan for three weeks.

People alerted the station about the unfortunate bird repeatedly, but the capture was not successful for a long time, the swan did not respond to the obligatory lure of goodies, kept a respectful distance from the shore and flew away in a boat when trying to approach it.

The staff of the station turned to volunteer ornithologist Tomáš Oplocký, a specialist in ringing swans. “He came all the way from Prostějov,” said the director of the animal shelter.

Whether the unknown face or specialization in swan behavior played a greater role is difficult to estimate; however, the swan actually swam to the shore this time. Even so, the expert had to react immediately and threw himself into the water after her.

“With great commitment, he literally jumped into action, removed the rest of the line from the swan, found that the hook was no longer in its beak, together we checked whether everything was in order and sent it back to the water,” said Zbyšek Karafiát.

After weeks of struggling with an unpleasant obstacle, the space in the swan’s beak cavity is scarred, it has made a groove in its beak, but this will not affect the quality of its further life.

A black swan appeared on a pond in Přerovsk


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