Accident on D11 in Prague: A helicopter flew for the driver

Accident on D11 in Prague: A helicopter flew for the driver
Accident on D11 in Prague: A helicopter flew for the driver

The accident happened around km 3 of the D11 highway in the area of ​​Horní Počernice. Firefighters, police and paramedics rushed to her. “On the D11 highway in the direction of the center, we intervene together with the Police of the Czech Republic and the ZZS in an accident involving two trucks. The intervention is blocking traffic,” the Prague fire department said on the social network X. “The injured person was handed over to the care of rescuers. An air ambulance helicopter is on the scene. We are investigating the accident,” they added around half past two in the afternoon.

The rescuers took care of a 30-year-old man who was wedged in and was rescued by the firemen. “A crew of air rescuers, a doctor and a ground ambulance went to the traffic accident involving a truck and a lorry on the D11. We took care of the man on the spot around 30 years old, which was originally wedged. He suffered serious head and facial injuries, but was conscious. Paramedics treated him, secured him and airlifted him to a trauma center,“said Jana Poštová, spokeswoman for Prague rescuers. The road was closed in both directions for approximately 30 minutes due to the landing of the helicopter, then the direction from Prague was completely opened to traffic. Around 1:50 p.m., it was also possible to drive in the left lane in the direction of Prague. “The driver, who was uninjured, was breathalyzed negative,” said Central Bohemian police spokeswoman Michaela Richterová.

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