A mix-up at Bulovka FN: The second injured woman also reported to the police


“At the moment, I can say that detectives are communicating with both injured women who figure in the case,” police spokeswoman Eva Kropáčová told Novinkám.

The unfortunate mix-up happened early last week. A couple of foreign women were admitted to the gynecology and obstetrics clinic of the hospital. The first was to go for a routine pregnancy check, the second for a professional procedure, the so-called curettage, during which the endometrium or the lining of the cervix is ​​”scraped” with a sharp instrument. Such a procedure is performed by women with gynecological problems or due to artificial termination of pregnancy.

However, there was a mix-up in female patients. According to the Bulovka spokesperson, as a result of a “serious violation and non-compliance with internal regulations” by the staff. The doubt is being investigated. It is not yet clear how it could have happened, as the patient must actively participate in the pre-operative preparations – which include anesthesia.

The case of female patients being confused in Bulovka: One of the women reported to the police

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Already on Friday, the lawyer of the first of the injured women contacted the criminal investigators. Based on this, the police began to investigate the whole incident for “suspected criminal damage caused by negligence”. This applies to, among other things, misconduct in employment and carries a penalty of up to one year in prison or a ban. In the event that more than one person was harmed, the penalty is up to three years.

Police officers are continuing their individual actions, Kropáčová told Novinkám.

The founder of Bulovka is the Ministry of Health. This, through the spokesperson Ondřej Jakob, stated that the hospital is ready to properly compensate the injured.

They switched patients on Bulovka. A healthy woman miscarried because of it


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