At the Pardubice Hospital, 56 doctors resigned at once

At the Pardubice Hospital, 56 doctors resigned at once
At the Pardubice Hospital, 56 doctors resigned at once

According to Semrádová, 13 percent of doctors at the Pardubice Hospital resigned the day before Easter. “There is no immediate threat to care at the Pardubice Hospital,” said the spokeswoman.

According to the television, the resignations are without giving a reason. “It’s a conflict that arose between the doctors and the hospital management,” said ARO doctor Ján Motešický. “We can assume that behind this step is also an effort to exert pressure on employers before the upcoming negotiations with trade unions,” said Semrádová. According to Nova, the negotiations will take place this week.

Hejtman Martin Netolicky (3PK/SOCDEM) pointed to the amendment to the Labor Code, which, according to him, is ill-conceived. Now this is shown when calculating the salaries of individual doctors, he added.

The approval of an amendment to the Labor Code, which was supposed to enable the doubling of the annual volume of voluntary overtime for health workers to 832 hours, caused protests by some doctors in the Czech Republic last year. Some of them terminated their overtime contracts because of this. Based on their protest, this amendment was repealed, so hospitals can order 150 hours of overtime for each employee, and an agreement can be concluded for up to 416 more hours.

In January, the company Nemocnice Pardubice Region stated that the wages of doctors in its hospitals will increase by up to 15,000 crowns per month, while other workers have been promised an eight percent increase. According to the company, the unions have agreed on the final form of the collective agreement with its management.

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