The ministry stopped exploration for gold and tungsten in Klatovsk, but the companies appealed


The survey covered two locations. The companies Geomin, Západočeská geologická and the state enterprise Diamo have shown interest in the Kašperské Hory area. The resort did not comply with their requests, because the interest to protect the local environment prevailed.

Západočeská geológica and Diamo, however, submitted reports. “They will first be sent out for comments to the other participants in the proceedings. After that, together with the administrative file, they will be handed over to the Ministry of the Environment within thirty days,” outlined Krejčí. Subsequently, the decomposition commission will meet and issue a recommendation.

No prospecting for gold in the Kašperské Hory area. The Ministry rejected the requests


The second location is the area around Ždánov, which was sought by the company Západočeská geologická. In this case, too, she filed for dissolution. The verdict will again be up to the ministerial commission.

The mayor of Kašperské Hory, Jan Voldřich (Kašperky for life), was not at all pleased with the news. “It means the proceedings are reopening. We don’t know how the companies will argue and what they will refer to,” he said.

Kašperské Hory is fighting against gold mining


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