A senior woman fell under the tram while getting off and died, the police are chasing the driver

A senior woman fell under the tram while getting off and died, the police are chasing the driver
A senior woman fell under the tram while getting off and died, the police are chasing the driver

The accident took place last September 14 after two in the afternoon in Wolkerova street at the Výstaviště Flora tram stop there. This has the form of the so-called Viennese type, where the platform is located in an elevated section of the road at the level of the sidewalk.

“According to the conclusion of the examination, the woman did not manage to get out of the second car of the tram set in time. As a result, the upper half of her body was caught by the closing door, but it did not close her. However, as a result of contact with them, the elderly woman lost her stability, did not step on the raised stop and fell under the moving tram,” said police spokeswoman Ivana Skoupilová.

An eighty-six-year-old woman died on the spot as a result of her injuries.

“Only a car with a doctor went to the event, because it was reported to the dispatch center that the woman had suffered devastating injuries incompatible with life. This was confirmed by the doctor on the spot. That’s why no rescue work took place, it was just an examination of the deceased,” outlined Lucie Mikisková, spokeswoman for the regional rescue service, right after the accident.

The 37-year-old driver is being prosecuted at large, and faces up to six years in prison in the worst case.

The door is secure, the company assured

The current police report clarifies the initial report, in which the police said that the woman’s foot was caught in the door. Among other things, this raised doubts among passengers about the safety of this type of tram, specifically how it is prevented from starting with the doors not closed.

The Olomouc transport company subsequently assured that the safety system was functioning properly during the accident and had no influence on the tragedy.

“The starting blocking system for T3 R.P trams works on the principle of recognizing the presence of an obstacle between the door wings. When the obstacle is pinched, the start and movement of the tram is blocked, and the door light on the dashboard indicates to the driver that the door is open,” said Anna Sýkorová, spokeswoman for the transport company.

“For all T3 R.P type trams in operation, immediately after the event, an extraordinary check of the start blocking function was carried out. It was without defects in all inspected vehicles,” she added.

In addition to criticizing the driver for negligence and insufficient checking in the rear-view mirror before leaving, a post appeared in Internet discussions defending him with reference to alleged witnesses.

“According to the witnesses, the old lady only remembered that she wanted to get off when everyone else had finished boarding and entered the door only when the closing signal sounded. Combined with the fact that she was riding in the back car, into which the driver cannot see or hear the possible screams of the passengers, she went a long way towards the accident. She paid the ultimate price for the mistake and people would prefer to lynch the poor driver,” the contributor wrote.

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