He raped her, stabbed her and threw her off a cliff. The young man received 19 years for the brutal attack


On Wednesday, the Regional Court in Pilsen sent Ukrainian Viktor Veselovský (19) behind bars for 19 years. A young man whose act last year outraged the entire republic. A foreigner in Pilsen raped and then tried to brutally murder his acquaintance who was four years younger. He stabbed the girl in the neck, cut her clothes, doused her with disinfectant, wrapped her in a sack, threw her off the cliff and covered her with branches. The schoolgirl survived only because she successfully pretended to be dead.

The regional court in Pilsen sent the brutal rapist Viktor Veselovský to a maximum security prison for 19 years behind bars.

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Veselovskyy, who has lived in the Czech Republic for five years, knew the schoolgirl from Pilsen. In the fall of 2022, when she was not even 15 years old, he had sexual intercourse with her at least three times. Then they stopped seeing each other, but did not completely cut off contact. Last year 8th August The Ukrainian lured the girl to the river near the shooting range in Pilsen-Lobzy. He was equipped for what he was about to do. “He had with him in his backpack, among other things, adhesive tape, plastic bags, a folding knife, another knife and a bottle of SAVO solution,” said prosecutor Jiří Richtr. According to the indictment, the young man bound the girl with adhesive tape, knocked her to the ground, undressed her and performed sexual intercourse on her. He then took her to a nearby forest where he threatened to force her to perform oral sex.

Source: Diary/Pavel Bouda

He then slashed her neck and told her that “it will take two days before she bleeds out, so she has a choice between a quick and painless death or a long and painful one”, and as she made it clear she wanted neither option, he stabbed her a knife to the neck. The girl then fell to the ground and pretended to be dead. According to the indictment, the Ukrainian then, in an attempt to prevent his discovery, stripped the girl, wrapped her in a bag, poured natural SAVO on her chest and threw her off the cliff into the forest, where he covered her with branches.

Forensic expert Hynek Řehulka told the court that the schoolgirl was very lucky that the knife did not hit any of the arteries, otherwise her life would have been in direct danger.

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Veselovskyy only confessed to sexual abuse and to the fact that he injured the Pilsen woman with a knife. Then, he said, in a panic he tried to dispose of the body. He said he was sorry for what he had done and was lucky the schoolgirl survived. “I want to apologize to her. I hope she has a beautiful life and forgets about me soon. I also want to apologize to my family and my girlfriend. I want to serve my sentence and be a better person,” said the young Ukrainian in his closing speech. His defense attorney Petr Brožovský said that there is not a single direct evidence in the file that his client committed everything stated in the indictment. For adequate punishment would consider 11 years in a maximum security prison. According to him, his client is essentially a child who is just playing tough with a knife.

On the contrary, the injured party’s representative, Tereza Rogová, stated that the defendant behaved extremely amorally, and recalled that, according to experts, the young man is dangerous for society, is fascinated by violence and has tendencies towards sadism. She further stated that the victim suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder due to the rape, knife attack and subsequent actions of the defendant. Prosecutor Jiří Richtr proposed 18 years in prison for the defendant. He recalled that the young man planned the murder and was equipped for it.

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However, the Senate headed by Judge Helena Przybylova sent Veselovský to a maximum security prison for 19 years and must also pay the victims 135,000 crowns as compensation for non-pecuniary damage and another 350,000 crowns for mental suffering.

In her reasoning, Judge Przybylová stated that, given the experts’ conclusions that the accused is an aethic – a psychopathic personality without the possibility of treatment, the amount of the punishment is completely appropriate. “The court is of the opinion that he did not commit his act out of insanity, as the defense claimed, but with deliberation. In addition, the victim will bear the consequences for her health in the long term, if not her whole life. The defendant did not even show any sincere remorse during the whole time. The only mitigating circumstance is his age just above the age limit,” said Przybylová.

Veselovskyy appealed against the verdict through his lawyer on the spot, the public prosecutor kept the deadline for the appeal.

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