Maps from Google will now offer routes that save nature and the wallet

Maps from Google will now offer routes that save nature and the wallet
Maps from Google will now offer routes that save nature and the wallet

A few extra minutes doesn’t have to be a problem if we save air and money

Who wants to spend more time traveling than absolutely necessary? That’s why we usually just enter the destination and choose the fastest route. However, Google is now launching a new option in its Maps, thanks to which perhaps a few extra minutes will not be a problem. This is a function of searching for ecological routes, which offer travel with higher fuel economy and the associated lower impact on the environment.

Road transport is a major contributor to the pollution of the planet, which also applies to Europe. At least partially, Google also wants to help change this situation through its navigation in Google Maps. It normally offers drivers the opportunity to choose between the fastest routes, or to avoid tolls on the way. However, it will now be possible to save fuel on the route instead of time, if such a route is available.

The novelty has already been launched in Germany, and within the next few weeks it should also be available in the Czech Republic and other European countries. After entering the destination, drivers will be able to choose whether to take the time- or economic-saving route. The application will also show them the approximate fuel economy and the time difference between the routes for easier decision-making.

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The novelty can display an estimate of how much fuel you will save by choosing an alternative route

Drivers will also be able to choose the drive type of their car, with diesel, petrol, hybrid and electric power units on offer. If you don’t want to use the new function, you can simply turn it off in the application.

The proposed routes will be evaluated by artificial intelligence, which, according to Google, is an important helper in the fight against climate change. “Artificial intelligence identifies all relevant routes from point A to point B and calculates fuel consumption for each one based on historical and real-world traffic patterns, road grade and type, and other data. Thanks to this, it can find the most economical and fastest route to the destination in a fraction of a second.” Iva Fialová, spokeswoman for the Czech representative office of Google, explains the principle of operation of the new technology.

The eco-routes feature in Google Maps has been in operation for some time in the United States and Canada, where it has saved more than half a million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, according to data from the Internet giant. This corresponds to the operation of approximately 100,000 vehicles. The company estimates that if the feature is deployed worldwide, it has the potential to save more than one million tons of carbon emissions per year, equivalent to the disappearance of approximately 200,000 vehicles. Let’s just remember that there are approximately one billion cars in use worldwide.

In addition to ecological routes, today users can also search for various alternatives to driving directly in the Maps. They can thus find out how to get to the selected point using public transport, a walking route or a path suitable for cycling.

According to Google, interest in these alternatives in the Czech Republic is growing year-on-year. In July, the increase in the use of navigation while walking or traveling by public transport was approximately 60% higher than in July last year.

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