The police will be able to seize people’s weapons as a precaution this year, the government has approved


Minister of the Interior Vít Rakušan (STAN) mentioned that a commission was working on the amendment, which included experts on weapons legislation, psychologists and psychiatrists, and representatives of coalition and opposition parties. It introduces the possibility of preventive confiscation of a weapon by the police on the basis of notification by public authorities.

“It will also be possible for the dean, rector or director of the school to alert the police to actions that cause nervousness,” said Minister Rakušan. “Nobody needs to fear police malice, it is a judicially reviewable act,” the minister added.

The amendment also imposes an obligation on gun dealers to report suspicious purchases or customer behavior. “There may be a customer who does not show signs of mental health at first glance or who tries to buy weapons without having a firearms license,” explained the minister. Today, sellers can report suspicious purchases, but now it would be an obligation.

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Both innovations are also introduced by a completely new law on weapons, which will come into effect from 2026. Thanks to the amendment, these measures would come into effect earlier – if the deputies approve the amendment in an accelerated procedure, it could come into effect as early as July 1 of this year.

The work on gun legislation does not appear to end there. In the meantime, another group is to work, which, according to the minister, will discuss other aspects regarding the use of firearms or the health of users, in the past there was talk, for example, of the possibility of introducing mandatory psychotests for gun license applicants.

Police are after suspicious purchases of weapons and ammunition


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