Planter’s son with old knees breaks records: I want to give everyone a hard time


His last game against his opponents, Dodig and Krajicek, could not shake the dog with. Game, set, save… Bopanna, Ebden – 6:7, 6:3, 10:6.

Vytl’s son of the Indian football team was not happy after Saturday’s final. In dignity, he fell in love with the Australian park with a long stride, he swam with him.

At the Hard Rock Stadium, he accepted the congratulations of the losers of the soup and waved almost majestically to the fans, among them the cauldron of his compatriots with hundred flags.

He folded all 193 centimeters on the bench and leaned back happily. Last year he became the oldest champion in Indian Wells and this year he also broke the record in Miami.

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I’m scared, he declared later in front of the nearby newspapers in the stadium behind the NFL’s Miami Dolphins.

As long as I can do the biggest business, this job makes sense. I want to excel at presses and grand slams. It’s nice that he can change the historical records and take care of others.

Sure, this song is perceived on the circuit as an additional disciplinarian next to the first and most popular single. The boy from Bengaluru has a bruise, his knees are badly damaged, he has almost a day’s worth of cartilage left in them.

Thanks to food, the bag stays fit. And not only for that they will send honor. On the court, he mastered his mind and tactics like no other. Under the hood, he can volley beautifully and with a classic one-handed backhand he can conjure up beautiful returns.

The fact that the world’s biggest rush is coming from Std and the first in recent times is completely ridiculous. True, he once became famous in a company called IndoPak Express, which he created with the Pakistani Krem.

India’s Rohan Bopanna (left) and Australia’s Matthew Ebden in the final of the tournament in Miami

He won just his first Grand Slam title in men’s doubles with Matthew Ebden, and this January at the Australian Open, he became the first singles player to win the doubles.

In Miami, he equaled his famous compatriot Leander Paese and advanced to the finals of all nine ATP Masters events. Then he won the 26th ATP Tour title.

At the thanksgiving and during the ceremony, he made a warm remark: Someone told me that he was going to reach the Sunshine Double career, which is nice to know.

In particular, there is talk of victories at two consecutive tournaments in the south of the USA in California’s Indian Wells and Florida’s Miami in one year. Bopanna can boast of collecting this trophy in two different seasons.

India’s Rohan Bopanna (right) and Australia’s Matthew Ebden cheer each other on in the final of the tournament in Miami.

With Ebden every day, you have a record of 14-3 this year and can be considered the best tennis team on the planet.

Ndhera! Especially in the Magic City… I have to thank Matthew, who is an impeccable partner at the court, in terms of communication and handling stressful situations, boasted Bopanna.

I can see how those twenty and ten years of work will pay off. I wouldn’t have anything to celebrate without Dina.

Bopanna, as it has been said, belongs to a clan that grows flowers in Bengal. Sm is signed under the making of one special smsi. He takes bales of grains to the market after tournaments and distribution to give his brand as much publicity as possible.

He will definitely go a little better as an ampion and world number one.

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