Being able to turn the score of a match is the prerogative of champions. You can rely on Schick


The fairytale story of Bayer Leverkusen is reaching its triumphant conclusion. Patrik Schick’s goal completed the turnaround against Hoffenheim and according to the Water Bearers podcast, the club can already be preparing the program for their championship celebrations.

With their medals for second or third places in the Bundesliga, they could easily open a clothing store in Leverkusen. They have already won 11 such positions in history. However, no title.

This time, however, everything is played out so well that Bayer basically can’t wait. The events of the weekend really put the club within reach of the title.

“For a long time, it seemed that Hoffenheim could be the first team that would manage to surprise the leader of the table this season,” journalist Luděk Mádl recapitulates the Bundesliga plot in the podcast.

“However, Leverkusen is in such a slump that its players are incredibly confident that they can turn any match around despite unfavorable developments. Thanks to that, they’ve been able to do it again now,” says Karel Tvaroh, former defender of the Spartan reserve.

Robert Andrich equalized in the 88th minute of the match. And at the beginning of the setup, Czech striker Patrik Schick completed the turnaround in the score. After the injury, he becomes indispensable again, in the Bundesliga he already scored for the fifth time this season. He is also doing well in the Europa League, he even knocked out his opponent from Karabakh from the competition with two goals in the set time not long ago.

Schick’s goals play a really important role at these stages of the season, usually helping Bayer level the score or complete a turnaround in games.

“And considering that the second in the table, i.e. Bayern Munich, lost another very interesting match against Dortmund, it seems that the title has already been decided in Germany,” says moderator Jaromír Bosák.

As in the Bundesliga, Bayer Leverkusen remains undefeated in other competitions as well, in which Adam Hložek and goalkeeper Matěj Kovář also get a greater opportunity to develop their talent. Thanks to these Czechs, Bayer Leverkusen can continue to develop their other big wishes in addition to their desire to win the title. He still has a shot at trophies in the German Cup and the Europa League.

“Thanks to Leverkusen, this Bundesliga season is likely to rewrite the competition’s record tables for the number of games in which their eventual winner managed to catch up and overtake the opponent’s original lead. The league favorites are undoubtedly helped in this regard by the fact that, compared to the past, the referees add many more minutes to the setup,” notes Karel Tvaroh.

The absolute continental champion in this regard is Liverpool, led by Jürgen Klopp: At the weekend, the Reds turned the match against Brighton.

It is his manager Robert de Zerbi who is now being talked about in connection with the search for Klopp’s successor – or the new manager of Bayern Munich. Water carriers debate which address they think would be more or less suitable and why.

Of course, the podcasters also discuss the Manchester City vs. Arsenal. “Unfortunately, the much-anticipated battle brought quite a lot of boredom to the audience,” states Jaromír Bosák. “Both teams set a goal of not losing. And everything else developed from that,” points out Luděk Mádl.


Of course, the water carriers are also involved in the domestic football scene. They discussed in detail the condition of the playing surface in České Budějovice, which allegedly failed to be sprinkled before the match with Sparta due to a technical equipment error.

How is the level of the playing field handled in the Czech league? Should the rules of the highest competition remember this? Who should focus significantly more on the quality of goalkeepers? You will hear all this and much more in the new Water Carriers. Play them in the player in the introduction!

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