Mueller as a symbol of the rise of Vtkovic. On the top est urit maj, mn Moravec

I was mature, and I asked for fun what happened. Did they kick the ground there or what? he said during an interview for We all know he doesn’t play for those fifty.

The owner of the club, Ale Pavlk, is very grateful for this, as he released an additional pension for him. Mueller is the game that every team wants to stream, and we managed to get it! explained Vtkovic sports editor Roman imek.

The American gunner collected 55 points (23+32) in 48 games last year, was the eighth most scored extra league game (average per save) and the fourth most productive. In season two, he dominated the productivity chart with 64 points.

It is a game that is able to decide and win back the darkness. Add to that others confidence in themselves, noted a Moravec representative. Penze gave you back not only the points you earned. Even people like to go to the stars, want to have fun and see how their game will change and how the puck will rise to the top.

Vtkovic’s goal is clear before the season: two more goals, increase efficiency in the law. And that’s exactly what Mueller should take care of.

He is a star player in any case, but he needs a game that will stand him in law and perspective and will serve him there, points out Moravec.

So she sent Rider hard and coach Milo Hola was looking for someone to match the American sniper.

Meanwhile, cooperation with the recently re-signed Latvian forward Roberts Bukarts appeared in preparation. For example, Brno caught 70,000 pdl.

Such a combination seems logical to me if they have an uncompromising hard player who will play at the back, because the two of them at the back don’t worry so much, described the Olympic fencer and two-time world champion.

Trainer Vtkovic Milo Hola

Kou Hola also tried to collaborate with the experienced Luke Krenelok. In the position of the first center, he put a new TV with Peter Krieger. Mueller’s compatriot Ostravan was brought from Slovakia’s Zvolen, but he is currently recovering from his injuries.

The main thing is how Mueller is set up mentally, which I don’t know exactly. Advance the game? Or does the thing require a song recording and when you don’t get it, you start getting frustrated? peml Moravec.

Did he give a shift? He has to protect the goal and the defense

Paklie Vtkovice raises an immediate problem, my grind to the next shift, a song according to Mr. Holan, which gradually grows with the darkness as a child.

Last year Ridera was eliminated in the first round, last year she went down to the quarterfinals with a virus and injuries.

Ldr Roman Polk ended his career, which means a significant loss for the club.

And that’s on ice and in the cabin. The young saw that when they weren’t doing something that he was doing, something was probably wrong. Thanks to me, they could look inside their heads and think that they could have done better if they had done something extra. Then make the most of them, notes Moravec.

Roman Polk on the Vitkovic thorn

Pesto, according to him, the Ostrava team should go in. If you and your tonk Jan Hruka and offensive defender Alexej Solovjov left it.

They clearly sent what must be reflected in the sweat of the scored goals.

If you look closely at the departures and departures, among the new players besides Mueller, along with Krieger, the American acquisition from Slovakia, Nitra’s productive defender Willie Raskob figures. The last two named can easily replace Hruka with Solovyov.

They both want to realize themselves and move forward, so they are very motivated, able to work for the team and have the right effect. Don’t come here to take pensions or to pursue careers. I want to continue to Germany, Finland and Austria.

Other signings of Olympic medalist Mrio Grman or Pardubice’s Juraj Miku jet Vtkovice strengthened the defense, which they had at such a very solid level.

Yes, you need to play more offensively, but defense is always the foundation, I mustn’t forget that, Moravec points out.

Rider is aware of this and has something to follow up on. Its stout defensive ranks in the extra league gave away the most hits. Patrik Koch and Polek always occupied the highest points in the Radegast index. How did it compare to those statistics, where Rostislav Marosz was the best with 35 points and in 37th place.

On the other hand, Koch and Polek were also among the most punished. In the elite extraleague twenty, they were accompanied by another teammate. With 694 penalty minutes, Vtkovice defiantly exceeded the limits of the rules.

Was it because they wouldn’t stop? Or did spe Hola have a lot of raps in vbr?

Scold them. I go to a psychologist, not them. For some, they have a few hundred moles and they are driving, said the laughing coach after the season in a general interview for

It’s a double dream. Even the very responsible ones, who can solve a complex situation with a handle or other elegant method, then foul you out of the blue when it doesn’t work out for them. He must know what they can afford, explains Moravec.

But he likes to write and tries to make them laugh so that they are happy. The games respected punishments not only regarding the suspension of activities, but also financial fines. When it happens again, it takes away points and the cabin’s coolness again.

On the contrary, the goal of Ale Stezka saved the team several points, and he took home the prize for the best game twelve times.

Moravec sums up a clear game.

25 of those were saved by him, added Hola.

Vtkovick’s goal Ale Stezka eliminates the goal of Milo Roman from Tinec.

If Stezka also maintains his form from last year, he should be able to compete with the best under the Dutch coach.

Don’t forget that there are names like Dominik Lakato, who are interested in the Czech forward Tobias Lindberg, or the brave youth in the team with Petr Fridrich, who played in the national team before the world cup and at the age of twenty-two is slowly taking over the role of one of the leaders.

It would be up to you to confirm what is in it. He will speak more at a time when he will be more productive and help the team on the ice, adds Moravec and predicts Vtkovic’s promising season.

I can see it going to the top six, the team’s goal, the team will sit down again, they should have had more departures there, but they supplemented it with quality games. Klov is the spirit of darkness and to make the young work.

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