Today before… – personal selection of today’s anniversaries

Today before… – personal selection of today’s anniversaries
Today before… – personal selection of today’s anniversaries

Today is the day of St. Makaria, it’s Hugo’s holiday.

Today is International Bird Day. And also Fools’ Day, for 324 years.

102 years ago today, the last Austrian emperor, King of Bohemia, Blessed Charles I, died in Madeira of the Spanish flu. He abolished the death penalty for Czech politicians during the war, and they repaid themselves by breaking the monarchy. In October 1918, he forbade intervention against the riots in Prague and thus enabled the creation of Czechoslovakia, for which they stole his castle in Brandýs without compensation and refused any allowance for living, so he had neither heating nor a doctor in Madeira.

Today is particularly suitable for the introduction and modernization of electric trams:

125 years ago today, electricians took to the streets of Olomouc,

123 years ago today, they started operating in Ostrava,

67 years ago today, a standard gauge tram line was put into operation between Litvínov and Záluží, instead of the existing narrow gauge.

As well as for establishing a military air force:

106 years ago today, the Royal Air Force (RAF) was founded in Britain

100 years ago today, the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) was founded in Canada.

194 years ago today, Napoleon Bonaparte marries Maria Luisa, the daughter of the Austrian Emperor and King Francis of Bohemia.

Antonín Čermák, mayor of Chicago, was born 151 years ago today. Less than a month before his 60th birthday, he dies as a result of injuries sustained in an assassination attempt on FD Roosevelt.

137 years ago today, the first electric public lighting in the monarchy was started in Jindřichov Hradec, illuminating the square and Panská Street.

Today, 135 years ago, the dishwasher, designed by Josephine Cochrane so that her servants would stop breaking expensive china while washing, goes on sale.

134 years ago today, Charles Van Depoele receives a patent for a trolleybus in the USA.

Today, 111 years ago, the Jedličk Institute, the first institution for the physically disabled in the Czech lands, began its activities.

Scott Joplin, the one with Entertainer, A. Dvořák’s student, dies 107 years ago today.

100 years ago today, A. Hitler leaves the court with a five-year sentence for an attempted coup. It will be out in nine months…

85 years ago today, the last republican units surrender in Spain, General Franco announces the end of the civil war.

77 years ago today, King George II of Greece dies, his brother Pavel takes the throne. Both, as members of the Schleswig-Holstein dynasty, are cousins ​​of Prince Philip, the late husband of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II.

64 years ago today, the first meteorological satellite, TIROS 1, was launched into orbit.

52 years ago today, Intel introduced its first 8-bit processor, the 8008.

48 years ago today, members of the Homemade Computer Club, S. Jobs, S. Wozniak and R. Wayne, found the Apple company and assembled its first computer model.

43 years ago today, a food rationing system was introduced in Poland.

35 years ago today, M. Thatcher’s government introduced a flat council tax in Scotland, the poll tax, and the subsequent massive opposition swept the prime minister.

20 years ago today, Google launched Gmail.

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