The Slovak competitor continues! At the weekend, he won his third medal of the year and his second gold


The four-time world vice-champion returned to his roots this year. He started touring smaller events, where he is often the only foreigner. His love for the game itself never faded. At the start of the year, he dominated the second division of the Beacon World League, winning the MaXlan in Nancy and taking bronze in the packed offline BIG LAN Race.

The announcement of the start of the Trackmania World Tour also injected new blood into his veins. Although it no longer consists of official competitions, Nadeo, with the support of the Toornament platform, offers the opportunity to collect points in community tournaments. In addition to online competitions, there are also LANs, the first of which was the traditional French Gamers Assembly competition.

Historically, large Czech-Slovak expeditions went to the city of Poitiers. Tween triumphed here ten years ago when Erik “hakkiJunior” Leštach won bronze, the last medal of his career. The tween himself won bronze in 2017 when Martin “Kappa” Krompolc triumphed at GA. The biggest rivals have always been the French at home.

Tween took home a complete collection of five medals from Poitiers. This year, however, he did not hesitate and added a sixth, so he has two of each. In addition, he finished in style for the title. He did not let the domestic competition take him by surprise and mastered all rounds of the bracket. He registered 500 points in the world ranking, already as a player of the orKs GP Numelops team.

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