Scouts are good at disturbing turf. And so the State Nature Conservancy established cooperation with them

Children will have a lot of fun disturbing the turf. In the picture, scouts from Přímda protect nature by thoroughly disturbing the turf.

The Kolowrat Pond is a natural monument in the Pilsen Region. In the coastal zone, the rare carnivorous midge sundews grow here, but they are being pushed out by the growing gray reed. Scouts from Přímda took “patronage” over the place. And in 2021, they went to the location several times, regularly cutting the cane, digging and clearing away the chopped material. And they were also disturbing the grass sod, which is important for the growth of the sundew, but it is also an opportunity for the scouts to have fun. Today, representatives of the scouting movement and state nature protection signed a document that will help scouts get more involved in practical nature protection. The Nature and Landscape Protection Agency informs about it. Scouts from Přímda did not intervene in the natural monument of their own free will, but under the supervision of a guide from the Agency for Protection and Nature. The scouts, under expert supervision, also engaged in monitoring, thanks to which it was verified that after two years of regular care, the cane growth is smaller and sparser, and the middle sundew is demonstrably spreading to new places.

The patronage of scouts from Přímda over the selected location is not the only one. The Patronage Program has been developed for several years by the Scout Institute, an organization that helps the Scout movement fulfill its purpose.

Patronages work in such a way that a scout troop or school class connects with an expert and the manager of a natural area that needs care. Children will learn what makes the local nature unique, and will then actively participate in its care. They thus take over an imaginary patronage over a piece of the world. Cooperation with the Nature and Landscape Protection Agency of the Czech Republic already takes place on this basis in the South Bohemian, Pilsen, Liberec, South Moravian and Central Bohemian regions, and will gradually expand to other regions.

Memorandum signing. From the left, the mayor of Junák, Josef Jose Výprachticky, the director of the Nature and Landscape Protection Agency, František Pelc, and the head of the Scout Institute, Miloš Říha.

Photo | David Růžička / Scout Institute

For greater involvement of children in practical nature conservation, representatives of the Agency for Nature and Landscape Protection of the Czech Republic, Junák-Czech Scout and the Scout Institute signed a joint memorandum today. The goal is to enable all volunteers, especially children, not only to get to know the surrounding nature better, but also to start actively caring for it.

“Scouting could not exist without nature. Nature is not only an environment in which scouting takes place, it is also a source of formative and unforgettable experiences,” says director of the Scout Institute Miloš Říha. staying there was an experience, a lesson and a real benefit. For this, the cooperation with the AOPK ČR is extremely helpful and we appreciate it very much.”

“The signing of the memorandum is the logical outcome of cooperation that has been going on for some time. It is beneficial for everyone – for nature, where a lot of work will be done, for children and young people, who will get to know their surroundings, and also for us from the state nature conservation office,” explains František Pelc, director of the Agency for Nature and Landscape Protection of the Czech Republic. “We know that it is really difficult to protect nature without the involvement of local people. Sometimes seemingly little is enough – regularly mow, dig, pull out, carve, clean a clogged pool.”


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