Fiala held talks with NATO representatives in Lithuania, he also visited Czech soldiers at the base

Fiala held talks with NATO representatives in Lithuania, he also visited Czech soldiers at the base
Fiala held talks with NATO representatives in Lithuania, he also visited Czech soldiers at the base

The topic of discussion at the meeting in the presidential palace in the Lithuanian capital is the strategic agenda of the 27th. It is held at the invitation of the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, who will gradually meet with the leaders in small groups in several rounds. In addition to Fiala, Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, German Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson and Bulgarian Prime Minister Nikolaj Denkov will also attend the meeting in Vilnius.

Before the meetings with selected NATO representatives, Fiala stated that the main topic was the EU treaty.

The point of one is not specific animals. The European Council will serve for this and gave one, he declared. He emphasized that the EU’s defense gym is the key to strengthening the country’s security and competitiveness in the future. I can help with this by devoting two percent of GDP to defense.

The National Audit Office also noted security threats in its report on Tuesday, which stated that the Czech Republic is not prepared for a crisis. First, we will deal with NK in detail, responded Fiala.

According to him, the Czech Republic should be independent in other strategic areas as well. Attention should be paid, for example, to areas such as making lk.

Several groups of European leaders will hold talks in Bucharest, Varava and Vienna in the following days. According to the European Council, Clem is preparing the ground for detailed draft agendas and plans for internal reforms for the European summit meeting in Brussels.

In Rukla he visited the ESK soldiers

Prime Minister Fiala in Lithuania visited the Czech troops at the NATO military base in Rukla.

I spent my day on the Rukla and drank at the military depot to cheer up our soldiers who were working here, he said. During the night he inspected the vehicles that the soldiers were working with. At the base, the prime minister met with meteorologists, according to him, meteorologists who have radiation.

He inspected the Zuzana howitzer and the vehicles that help with the search for enemy units. Our searchers are among the best here, said one of the only units to the prime minister.

Fiala appreciated the military skills of the Czech units and commended them for their work at NATO. I am glad that our soldiers are active and high-quality according to the message of NATO’s front door, he said, adding that neither Czechia nor NATO intends to face Russian aggression. Ukraine could receive the first ammunition in cooperation with other European countries in July.

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